My ATR isn’t the Only Thing that Need Healing - Week 2

My ATR isn’t the Only Thing that Need Healing

Just laying here with multiple thoughts going on in my mind and I am glad to know that there are so many people that are going through the same or similar healing process with their Achilles Tendon Rupture (ATR) and there are plenty of valuable resources to aid in this journey. I have joined a couple of ATR Injury groups and communities and they are very helpful in terms of information to look for in all things related to the Achilles Tendon Rupture. Information on the injury itself, information on the type of casts, boots, crutches, socks, wraps. etc… from day 1 all the way out to several years after surgery, have been invaluable.

After reading through so many posts and comments on healing, recovery and rehab, it’s very easy to get caught up in comparing your own healing process and time-line related to the ATR recovery, to that of others going through the same injury. We can easily forget what we should be doing after listening to our doctor and our own body’s response to treatment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to see where you line up with other’s recovery progress, rehab timeline and pictures, however, I have to remind myself that this is God’s way of positioning me to slow down during this season for a reason.

Before my ATR, there was so many things on my plate that needed to be worked on or completed however I would  get caught up in the hustle and bustle of being an entrepreneur , a “Go- Getter” and simply leave projects undone or books unread. Now, the time invested with this ATR injury has me looking at other things that need healing and full recovery. I will use my time of elevating, icing and resting my leg for this deeper purpose to not only heal the physical, but the mental and spiritual component of my well being.

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There is so much learning and healing from the neck up that need to take place and for this I am thankful. I mentioned on one of my social media posts, that being a competitive athlete and a Type A personality, enables my mindset to always find a challenge to conquer, a mountain to climb and to try and accomplish it in record breaking time or to at least be way ahead of schedule. However, with my ATR recovery and rehab journey ahead of me, I will allow myself the blessing of learning how to take my time , learning how to utilize and maximize these “slow” periods of time to heal and get better in other areas of my life and prayerfully come out a better man, husband, father, son, brother, leader and follower.

Yes, the internal challenge to be ahead of schedule or break the “healing record” for ATR full recovery, may raise up it’s ambitious head from time to time, however the main thing for all of us going through this injury, is to heal properly and complete and this includes our entire person also. Then we all can get together, challenge and play our games, (football, basketball, tennis, dance, etc…) against each other at full strength, not only physically but also in these other areas as well. I look forward to everyone’s healing progress report and I will continue to encourage you and look for your encouragement as well.
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. You know that doing what the doctor ordered and resting the leg can get somewhat boring however blogging is one of my biggest hobbies as well as a powerful tool for business and you can visit my personal blog here at I Am Action Jackson

7 Responses to “My ATR isn’t the Only Thing that Need Healing - Week 2”

  1. Psalm 46:10

  2. Yipee! I’m excited that there is someone else out there who is taking our ATR, and making it positive. I too, felt that someone was telling me to step back and reflect. I like how you state, “get better in other areas of my life.” That’s my plan too. Let’s do this!!

    Looking through your book suggestions now :)

  3. Yessir Eyceman, that’s It!!!!!

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  4. thanks for your comments and these are just a few books that I need to complete or re-read. Yes, there is always a silver lining in every situation and let’s all allow this injury to make us better.

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  5. Inspirational and practical!

  6. Well said. I kind of just laughed and accepted my injury right off the bat and embraced the challenge as well. I’ve worked 5 days as a contractor, coached high school basketball, and DJ’ed 3 nights a week for the past 9 years… Having some time to just relax and enjoy my family and just relax has been a Godsend. Now if I were walking a little, that would be ideal, but hey, we gotta embrace the challenge at hand and thrive!

  7. God Bless,
    In times like these we get a chance to focus on life up close (FAMILY).
    Babies grow up while we are running! You may find some lost things around the house!
    I too am recovering from hip replacement and must stay near home four to six weeks. God help me as well focus and find some of those lost things around the house!
    God bless us with your healing so we can run the race you set before us!
    In Jesus name,

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