My Fit-bit Friends are Making Me Sick! Week 17

My Fit-bit Friends are Making Me Sick!

I am getting stronger and stronger however my patience is a little on the downside right now when it comes to my fit-bit friends and all of these challenges. If you are into fitness and want to have others join you, Fit-bit is a great way to do this. The Fit-bit exercise family has fitness products that help you stay motivated and improve your health by tracking your activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

Before my injury, I had just bought my Fit-bit bracelet and was calling out all of my friends to get on Fit-bit and take part in some fitness challenges. What great times we shared with everyone working on being fit and having some fun along the way with all of the smack talking and tongue wagging. My friends knew that I was going to bring with both the walking and working out activity as well as talking a-lot of noise. I love challenges and love to win however as much as I hated to lose a challenge, I still made sure to push my friends to get their steps in and give me a little smack talk along the way.

During my injury, I still participated in the challenges however it was not that much fun watching the leader board and seeing my name at the bottom of the charts. I still talked a good game but my walking of course was just not up to par. Boy did I get hit from everyone challenging me to keep up and teasing me about being at the bottom.,lol. Let’s fast forward to today and now their smack talking is slowing down more and more as they all see that my steps are increasing daily.

 photo Fitbit Challenge_zpsgo1dypat.jpg

Just this week, I pushed a few people to achieve their highest rank of activity for their walking steps and they was gracious enough to say thank you and glad to see me getting healthy. I tell ya, when I notice that I’m a few hundred steps from being at the top of the leader board, my mind is saying let’s go to the track and run a few laps however can also hear my doctor saying that I still have a month or so to go before I can start running. I will not jeopardize or run the risk of a re-rupture because it has been a long road to recovery and I am thankful to be where I am today. There are a few more hills to climb, a few more therapy sessions and ice buckets to endure before we are fully recovered but until then, we will continue challenging others to push themselves to higher heights as well as develop their mental toughness with all of the smack talking on the challenges.
Keep Stepping Into Your Greatness!

P. Jackson

P.S. Click HERE to check out the Fit-Bit Movement!

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