My Achilles is Healing and I am Writing! - Week 5

My Achilles is Healing and I am Writing! - Week 5

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with your ATR recovery, I’m slowly but surely getting better. I have to day that the days are getting a little shorter and I have been pretty busy working on some of my new ideas and discoveries. I’ll get to one of those ideas shortly so for right now I will stick with my achilles tendon recovery.

I visited my doctor on yesterday and he postponed my physical therapy for another 2 weeks and I’m not complaining however I am tired of using these crutches. He mentioned that after a week or so of home therapy and getting more movement in my foot and ankle area, I could ditch the crutches and put full weight bearing on it. I’m not going to rush it due to the fact that a possible re-rupture is always possible.

New Ideas

Now as for some of my ideas and discoveries, I have been listening and watching my 2 daughters playing and enjoying their summer break and discovered that they both are some amazing human beings. Based on their own communication and activities, I decided to write and publish a children’s book and detail some of their conversation that I believe most young girls their age understand and would enjoy. What’s even more exciting about this project is the idea of making this a family project with my wife assisting also instead of using my own thoughts and content. Everyone is excited to share their ideas and they are even writing some sentences and leaving them on my desk to be included in the book.

I had to include them and get their minds off of playing with my crutches and losing them in different rooms of the house. I also have a wheelchair so that I can maneuver throughout the house and every morning it seems like a game of hide and seek when I am looking for my crutches and the wheelchair. So now you understand how my creative side of the brain awaken me to include the family in on this writing project and I will keep you updated as we move forward on this journey.

I hope all is going well with your ATR recovery as well as enjoying some fun and productive days during this time in all of our lives.
Remember to stay positive, heal thoroughly and enjoy this phase of life.

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. I know this ATR can slow down the best of us and make us get off of our A game, here is a book, Practical Action Tips, that can inspire you back to action!

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