I Just Need One Crutch to Get My Coffee! - Week 7

I Just Need One Crutch to Get My Coffee!

I’m starting to get that edge back just because it’s football season and yes, I am ready for some football!!! Well I digress, I am really starting to get my edge just because now I’m down to walking with one crutch instead of two and ohh what a relief it is.

For the past couple of weeks, grabbing my favorite cup of coffee (tall Americano) at Starbucks before I get engage in a intense 2-3 hour workday, I was finding myself not enjoying my coffee. The coffee still tasted the same however what was getting me down was the fact that I had to sit at a table very close to “fixings” that I put into my coffee just because of the inconvenince of trying to maneuver a hot cup of coffee and hopping on crutches.

I would get the obligatory assistance from a stranger waiting for their drink however it was a tall order to expect them to wait until I doctored my coffee up with all of my favorite fixings and then walk it over to the table for me. Some days I would just ditch the coffee altogether and buy a drink not open and it seems as if the barista made the coffee extra special on those days; that aroma was buzzing all over the place.

Now that’s all over with and Wow I’m glad about it. I can get my drink and go to my favorite spot halfway across the room without spilling it all over the floor and enjoy that Tall Americano like the “old” days. What a difference one crutch make. I am aware of this major milestone and I receive it with a ton of humility and gratefulness, because its funny how much we tend to take for granted many of our small mundane day to day activities such as getting our coffee and walking back to your seat, until we are faced with some sort of injury or setback.

 photo f75bcafc-49c3-40d4-8b68-c4ecc36d9ac6_zpsfbdvx7j3.jpg

So if you are in the Dallas West Village Starbucks and happen to see a handsome guy walking with one crutch with a Big Smile on his face and he orders a Tall Americano, then say hello and get out of my way because I’m headed to my favorite table about halfway across the room ready to finally enjoy my cup of coffee for the day!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. Here is a small gift that you can use during your recovery.

2 Responses to “I Just Need One Crutch to Get My Coffee! - Week 7”

  1. It’s the little things that count. Keep up the good recovery!

  2. Hey Action, I really admire your positive attitude, that’s been the hardest for me during my second round of recovery. Keep it up, you are doing great an you will be walking on your feet really soon ;)

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