Did Someone Hit Me in the Back of the Leg? Week 1

Did Someone Hit Me in the Back of the Leg?

Hello my friends, I am pretty sure you are reading this because you or someone you may know have just experienced some kind of achilles tendon injury. If so, “Did someone hit me in the back of the leg?”, may be the first question you asked yourself upon injuring your heel. I was playing basketball last week and after getting a rebound and dribbling the ball up court, this is what I initially thought when my achilles tendon ruptured. I even looked back and questioned the guys closest to me as well as the referee regarding getting hit in the back of the leg and they all had the same response which was, “no one hit me in the back of the leg.”

 photo achilles tendon rupture 4_zpsatbzymm8.jpg
I knew then that it must be my achilles tendon! I remember seeing and hearing stories firsthand from athletes that I played with and against and how they felt like they got hit by a baseball bat, or getting shot by a gun or hit by a ball in the back of the leg. As a former Pro football player in the position of wide receiver, I always thought about how an achilles tendon injury could end my playing career however it was always ankle sprains and hamstring pulls. Ironically my playing career ended over 20+ years ago with a badly dislocated ankle break and not an achilles injury.

Now, let’s fast forward our way to the hospital to get x-rays/mri performed to see the damage, get fitted for a walking boot and schedule the followup visit to go over the options to have surgery or nonsurgical procedures done and get geared up for a long road to recovery.
Be Strong!

Action Jackson

2 Responses to “Did Someone Hit Me in the Back of the Leg? Week 1”

  1. If the picture is truly accurate of the function of you right foot
    - I can see your gastroc flexing
    - you can still tip toe with FWB

    Looks like a partial tear. If this is true consider yourself very lucky.
    See what the orthopod recommends.

  2. Oh no this is not a photo of my leg, I just used this to illustrate the location of the achilles tendon. Thanks for commenting and you are correct, this does look like a partial tear

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