All of My Left Shoes are Ready to Boot the Boot! Week 9

All of My Left Shoes are Ready to Boot the Boot!

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I’m glad to be off of those crutches now it’s time to hit the next phase and get this boot off. Here I am in Dallas, Texas in the middle of a hot summer season and moving around this heat with the boot makes you wanna holler! I met someone in the store the other day and they mentioned that they had to endure the boot in the middle of a bitter cold winter season in Chicago of all places and their toes was almost frostbitten, so I guess I can say that it could be worse.

Well as you see, I can easily keep going on and on about the terrible, terrible things that we have to endure with this injury however that’s really not my style. I have a few more weeks to endure the boot so there is no sense in complaining, just take this part of the process all in stride with a smile on my face one day, one step at a time to a full and complete healing. Just to think that there was a time when my leg was in a cast and I couldn’t wait to get to the boot stage; funny how time flies when you are having fun!

Well, let me go to my closet and start digging out all of my left shoes because in due time they give the boot the boot and be back on my left foot. And to celebrate that accomplishment, I will probably write about how the left shoe feels funny or something,lol. In the meantime, keep giving your 100% in therapy, continue reading my blog and all of the other valuable content out here regarding the ATR recovery and  stay positive my friends!
Make it HAPPEN!!!

P. “Action” Jackson

P.S. Here is a small gift that you can use during your recovery.

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