Hello my friends, I am Patrick Jackson where most people call me Action Jackson and I want to share a few things about me and why I have this blog for people like you and me for that matter that are battling this achilles tendon injuries. I played Pro football over 20 years ago and suffered an ankle injury that ended my playing career.

Today I am an online brand marketer as well as a published author, speaker and trainer on leadership, marketing and motivation. With the many injuries I have had such as 2 broken collarbones, 2 broken ankles, cracked ribs, dislocated and jammed fingers throughout the years, this ruptured achilles tendon is a pretty tough pill to swallow, especially in my mid-40’s. I have never been the type of person to back away from a challenge and the next 5 - 8 months of rehab will be a tall challenge to overcome. Yes, we are ready to make the climb and if you are suffering from the same injury and following me on my blog, get ready because we will have plenty of work to do.
Make it HAPPEN!!!
Action Jackson

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