recovery complete!

wow, it took longer than i expected, but finally i am back playing competitive beach-volleyball!  the calf muscle is still a bit smaller in my injured leg, but then again i haven’t been exactly diligent on the rehab exercises either ;) i’ve done a lot of walking and beach-volleyball drills though, and that also helped getting the muscle back. jumping and sprinting is working fine, no pain in the tendon. even played in a couple of  local beach tournaments, and the tendon held up just fine. golfing has been going great for about 5 months already. i’ll stay away from basketball though, absolutely no intention to spend another summer on crutches :) best wishes to everybody who’s going through this right now!

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  1. Achillos, your last update was almost a month before the ATR that got me here, so Hi!

    I’ve never loved basketball, so you’ll get no argument from me! But I did return to competitive COURT volleyball (and even 4-on-4 court VB on a full-sized court) as well as beach after my first ATR. And yes, I did eventually pop the other AT, though I’ve got zero regrets about my decision, partly because those 7 years of aggressive volleyball were a real hoot!

    This is surely one of the very most personal and subjective decisions in this whole ordeal. Everybody’s got to consult their “heart” and make a decision that’s right for them — and will STILL be right, even if things don’t go as hoped. Better evidence and quantification of the risks would help, but it will never constitute the bulk of the answer.

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