nine holes and a damn near re-rupture

ok guys here’s a quick update on my golfing ambitions….i managed to walk and play nine holes last weekend which in itself is pretty good i guess, but i also managed to almost re-rupture my tendon after i hit a pretty big drive. and i thought golf was a safe sport! just kind of slipped and twisted my left foot really awkwardly and heard that familiar “plop”. started swelling and hurting almost immediatly and it was quite a shock. fortunately the tendon is still there, but i’m going to see the doc anyways next week to make sure it’s all good. it still hurts a bit so i can only caution everybody not to overdo it in the first month after the boot comes off…i basically lost two weeks as i would say now i am back to where i started two weeks ago in terms of flexibilty and swelling.

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  1. Wow, that’s scary, I’m really hope to get back to golf as soon as I can. I also figured it would be a relatively safe activity. Hope you get good news from the doc.

  2. I can’t believe I’m saying but this but hopefully you sprained your ankle.

  3. oh no, you just dashed my hopes of doing “something safe” in the first 6 months while getting back to a decent level of fitness. Maybe walking the course added extra stress to your tendon? I wonder if playing will be manageble if using a cart around the course instead of walking. Wishful thinking? Anyway, I’m only 2 weeks post-op and still in a cast, and a month away from PWB according to the doc. Way to early to think about any activity.

    As an earlier poster said - hopefully your injury is just a sprain. Good luck. Do keep us updated.

  4. Hopefully not wishful thinking, but maybe you broke up some scar tissue adhesions? If so that is actually a good thing.

  5. “and i thought golf was a safe sport!”

  6. It has been 2 long weeks since I had my surgery and I can honestly say that the sequence of events that immediately followed it, have been interesting to say

    the least. Immediately after the procedure, while I was still in the hospital, I experienced chest pains and had to be monitored closely.

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