13th week post rupture

got my first couple of shots out on the driving range this weekend, and it went surprisingly well. i still have some pain in the tendon when i put weight on my toes, but it is bearable. flexibility has increased also, i’d say i am at about 95 % upward and 90 % downward. apart from some balance and light strenghtening i haven’t really done much except walk some longer distances. i still have a slight limp and the ankle still tends to swell up after longer walk. i also noticed that the tendon has build up quite a bit of scar tissue, but hey what do i care as long as it holds togehter. plan for next weekend is to play nine holes, hope that’s not overdoing it. i am really itching to get out there though (especially after watching tom watson ripping it at age 59 - and with an artificial hip!).

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  1. Good to hear about your progress Achillos! I am at 10 weeks and just starting to walk at home without the boot. Have only been at it for 4 days but notice slight improvements every day. Noticeably, I have zero strength in the injured leg, I basically just plant it down and try to walk normally on it, but definitely wouldn’t be able to get any real force out of it at this stage. Did you have a similar experience at that stage?

    Let us know how your first 9 goes Champ.


  2. Achillos,

    I’m just shy of 7 weeks and did 9 holes yesterday. The only thing that got really sore for me was my quad. I had no swelling after the round or today. Even though I carted it, the walking to and from balls and on somewhat uneven terrain did it in for me. I connected with the ball well, but since I couldn’t really get up UNDER the ball to get it in the air, I had my fair share of bouncing shots. I’m currently in the boot and a week past FWB.

    I don’t know if you’re in your boot still, but ask for a blue flag (or whatever flag they have for the disabled) if your course is a cart-path only course. Even through 9 holes, using the cart helps tremendously. I couldn’t have imagined doing it carrying my bag.

    Have a good round!


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