Week 14 and the misshapen calf muscle

I am a little more than 14 weeks past my surgery and am quickly regaining strength and mobility. I can do calf rises just fine, and I feel like I could take off running if I wanted to, although I’m waiting a little longer to try that. Strangely, though, as I regain my calf strength, the muscle appears more misshapen, relative to my good calf, than it did early in the recovery.

A little background: I injured my calf muscle about three months before I tore my achilles. It felt like a bad tear, but the clinic doctor I saw suggested there was nothing that could be done, so I just tried to rehab it. In hindsight, everyone seems to agree that this tear likely contributed to the achilles injury, and part of my PT involves working the scar tissue in the calf.

That calf muscle now looks like it is balled up and misshapen, and it is more noticeable as I regain strength and size. Is this simply due to routine muscle atrophy? Has anyone else had a similar experience? My concern is that the initial calf injury was much worse than I realized (imaging was never done to assess the damage). My calf currently looks and feels as if one of the muscle strands or ligaments that pulls the calf down toward the achilles is missing, causing the muscle to bunch up nearly the top of shin. Will this work itself out?

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  1. Hello,

    I strained my calf muscle 3 months prior to my AR. I am 17 weeks post injury and my calf is misshapen also. It looks like there is a lump under my calf area, but it does not bother or hinder me in any way. I walk almost 100% normal and strength is coming back. I wouldn’t worry too much unless you’re wanting to have a great looking calf. lol

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