The Other Achilles

I haven’t posted in a while, mostly because the recovery has been going so well. It has been 10 weeks since my surgery, and I am walking in two shoes, without a limp. Physical therapy has been incredibly helpful, and my ability to walk is returning just in time for the warm weather. After getting the cast off, every day has been better than the last, which has put me in a damn good mood.

The only issue I’m having now is soreness in my right Achilles (i.e., my good one). I assume this is just because of overuse as I compensated for my torn left Achilles. But, I have never felt this type of tightness and soreness in that area, except right before I had the ATR. After seeing a few posts about the higher likelihood of a second rupture, I am particularly paranoid and sensitive to Achilles soreness. Has anyone had a similar experience with their good leg? I can imagine nothing more frustrating than rupturing my right Achilles just as my left one heals.

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  1. Yes there is an increased risk to the other tendon and yes most of us have an increased sorness in it due to overuse. Mine continued for a while and then would come and go. I ended up having some radial shock wave therapy on the non-ruptured tendon (also the ruptured one to break up scar tissue) and had new orthotics fitted. Since then it has been fine and that has been well over a year. I don;t always wear my orthotics so the therapy must have contributed. Thoughts of rupturing the other tendon will probably be in your head for a while but the chances are not as high as your brain is telling you. Continued with eccentric loading of the tendons and do the same or as much as you are able to do with both tendons (don’t just work the injured leg). Also stand on a theraband with your entire foot and hold it up so it flexes your toes then push against it with your toes (3 sets of 10). This will help some other supportive tissue.

  2. Yes I had some soreness in the “good” ankle/ achilles, but definitely felt like it was primarily from overuse as the injured achilles healed. Now that I am favoring the good side less, snd am 10-1/2 weeks post op, most of that soreness has disappeared. Hope you have a similar result as you continue to heal.

  3. I had the same tendonitis issue and same concerns about a 2nd rupture except in my case it would be a re rupture of a tendon that was treated conservatively and did not heal properly and is now permanently weakened. It is a scary proposition. I came to the conclusion that the tendonitis was caused by weight overload and awkward stepping. I found the New Balance 928 with something called rollbar stability technology helpful in allowing the tendon to recover. I use a Tuli’s heavy duty heel cup in the same shoe. A good supportive shoe can help. I also use a C E heel brace with dual straps as needed until the tendonitis subsides.,

  4. My comments echo those above. I mainly felt soreness in my good heel during my cast and crutches days. I too was quite paranoid. But since I’ve moved more and more to 2 feet, I don’t really notice it anymore.

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