The Itching

Here is a rough timeline of my post-op experience so far:

  • Day 1: Extreme post-op pain that fades within 24 hours
  • Days 2-18: Fairly easy and pain free
  • Day 19: Area around wound begins to itch
  • Day 21: Itching spreads to entire leg as hair regrows inside cast
  • Day 22: Itching feels like the bites of 1,000 fire ants
  • Day 23: Madness starts to set in as itching intensifies
  • Day 24: Consider removing cast myself to deal with itching
  • Day 25: Consider amputating leg to deal with itching

I suppose I should consider myself fortunate that itching has been the worst of my problems since the surgery. But when it is keeping me up at night and there is nothing I can do to reach it, I start counting down the days until I get rid of this cast. The wound itching wasn’t bad, and it was expected as part of the healing process. But they shaved my entire lower leg for the surgery, and as the hair grows back it is setting my skin on fire.

I haven’t found a good solution yet. Icing seems to help. Pulling on the gauze in my cast allows me to indirectly scratch the itch, but it probably just irritates the skin more. Does anyone else have ideas?

3 Responses to “The Itching”

  1. I really feel for you…if you can take Benadryl it worked for someone I know and it causes drowsiness so it’s a good sleep aid. My problem wasn’t itching I had cast claustrophobia…panic like anxiety attacks, I had to constantly touch my toes to alleviate it. Good luck!

  2. Oh…another thought…at day 25 you don’t need to be in a cast…you could try to get into a boot now it that’s in your protocol. I know of others who had bad itching or cast claustrophobia so they got a boot early. Can’t hurt to ask.

  3. I took high strength fish oil capsules each day and had no issues with itching at all. I found the tip on mumsnet whilst googling to get information on living with a cast.

    There’s no scientific data to back up the fish oil thing but it worked for me and the lady on mumsnet.

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