Foot Ulcers?

I’m currently two weeks post-op. A few days ago, I started noticing sores on the tops of my toes. At first, I thought they were bug or spider bites, because they were red and itchy. But there was also blistering on the bottoms of my toes, which suggested something else like foot ulcers or a circulation issue. Here’s the strange thing: This is not on my surgery leg. It’s on the toes of my good foot.

2 Responses to “Foot Ulcers?”

  1. No idea achillias…let us know how it turns out…I’m assuming you’ll ask your doc about it.

  2. Athletes foot perhaps? I don’t think it is related to your ATR.

    I haven’t had it myself but it sounds like the symptoms are similar- of course a GP would be able to confirm and give you treatment options.

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