Post-Op Pain (Or Lack Thereof)

It has only been four days, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of post-op pain. The pain was pretty severe immediately after the surgery (7/10), and it was difficult to sleep that night. However, once the pain medication kicked in, it went away and just never came back. I stopped taking the pain medication less than 24 hours after surgery and have been fine. I’m talking 0/10 on the pain scale.

Is this a common experience? I was expecting it to be more painful for a longer period of time. I’m actually surprised that a large incision in the back of my leg could be so painless. Not that I’m complaining.

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  1. I think it varies. I think I was on pain pills for a good week, though maybe not at regular intervals towards the end of the week. Pretty sure by week two I was on to tylenol as needed. I think everyone’s bodies respond differently. Glad you’re feeling pain free!

  2. Heyyy..very happy to hear about you being pain free. Just had surgery on Monday..been off pain med since Wednesday night. The worst part of my surgery was the no feel no pain nerve block given to me during surgery. .did not like the feeling of not being able to move my toes…lasted about 27hrs..then I was good..have not been in any severe pain since surgery..we must be the lucky ones…good luck with your recovery

  3. Almost no pain until week 8 when standing PT started. Wish I could tell you you’ll continue to be pain free, from my own experience and that of other bloggers pain will come and go as your recovery progresses…for me it’s never been so bad I couldn’t deal with it. Some seem to have more pain, some less, but no one NO pain over the whole process.

    Generally achenes on a range of 2 -4 where the repair was done, still even at 17 weeks. Occasional intense zaps up to 10 but only lasting seconds a few times a week at end of day or waking me up while sleeping… they can be correlated with new PT moves but not always, I’ve gotten them on rest days when I didn’t do anything much. I remember occasional heel pain when walking in the boot for long periods. Pain along peroneal tendons when getting more mobile before my gait was corrected and I was still limping. Swelling is usually correlated with being up and about or lots of PT. So….ENJOY your pain free days! YAY!

  4. The second night after surgery I started to get pain in my heel but manged to get it under control using over the counter pain relief. I was then taking pills for a week but in hindsight I could have probably stopped them earlier as didn’t suffer from any pain at all.

  5. I am right there with you. First two days I was in a fog. Well maybe it was a day and a half as I got home at about 6pm. Pain was an 8 on a ten and I didn’t take enough of the meds. Next day was brutal and took the recommended dosage and pain went away but it was really strange being on that strong of a medication.

    The next day I completely got off of all of the drugs and switched to over the counter meds. Everyone is a while I get a strange twinge/fire pain thing but it only lasts for a second or two and back to not feeling anything again.

    I am two weeks into my cast and three weeks left to go. Hope my stiches are healing correctly and that there are no complications.

    Good luck

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