My surgery–initially scheduled for this Thursday–was moved forward thanks to an opening in the schedule, and I had it done yesterday. Overall, it seems to have been a success. The pain was pretty severe initially, and it was very difficult to sleep last night. But now the medication seems to be kicking in, and the pain is much more manageable. Not bad.

The only unexpected outcome was that I woke up with a busted lip and what looks like the beginnings of two black eyes. My entire face was sore and sensitive to the touch. Has this happened to anyone else? I thought that maybe I hit something as they were trying to turn me over on the operating table. But I’ve read elsewhere that some people thrash around while under anesthesia, and that could be the cause. The doctor didn’t mention anything after the operation and it’s not a bad injury, but it is strange trying to figure out what happened while I was unconscious.

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  1. Heyyyy..had surgery yesterday busted lip or black eyes just foot numb from nerve block wich was really annoying. Good luck with your recovery. .stay positive!

  2. I think I’d have to call the post op nurse to find out why I had a busted lip and black eyes just out of curiosity! That is strange…put ice on that lip since I’m sure you have plenty of it. Glad the surgery itself went well! Big smile for you!

  3. maybe you said something wrong lol

  4. How you feeling achillias’s..hope you’re doing OK and your lip feels better

  5. I woke up with an abrasion along my right temple. The nurse told me to put antibiotic ointment on it for a week or so, but provided no explanation. It wasn’t too bad and it’s fine now, but seemed a little weird. In my op report it said I was moved from the stretcher bed to the operating table by a ‘6 person team’. Kind of a funny thing to imagine, and I figured worst case they bumped me while moving me, or as you suggested I had some involuntary thrashing while under the knife. Still, kind of unsettling. I’d ask your surgeon, so at least you have an explanation. Happy healing!

  6. Wow Achillias,
    Sounds like something happened while you were sleeping! I had surgery, was out for ~ 2 hours, and woke up with no cuts, bruises or abrasions. I would definitely request a copy of the “surgery report”. It is your right as a patient. I would be surprised if they would record an incident that caused your damage, but you never know. The surgery report is interesting and it is good to know exactly what they did. I brought mine to my physical therapist so that he would know EXACTLY what he was dealing with.
    Happy healing!

  7. Hello there!

    My upper lip was busted as well. I just thought it was the tube they put in your mouth. I had a cold too at time of surgery and my throat was killing me post-op.

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