The Itching

Here is a rough timeline of my post-op experience so far:

Day 1: Extreme post-op pain that fades within 24 hours
Days 2-18: Fairly easy and pain free
Day 19: Area around wound begins to itch
Day 21: Itching spreads to entire leg as hair regrows inside cast
Day 22: Itching feels like the bites of 1,000 fire ants
Day 23: [...]

Foot Ulcers?

I’m currently two weeks post-op. A few days ago, I started noticing sores on the tops of my toes. At first, I thought they were bug or spider bites, because they were red and itchy. But there was also blistering on the bottoms of my toes, which suggested something else like foot ulcers or a [...]

Flying after surgery

So before I ruptured my Achilles, I had plans to take a 3-hour flight on March 20. But when I asked my surgeon, he recommended waiting a couple of months after surgery before flying. This is in part because he thought it would be difficult to navigate airport security and a cramped airplane while non-weight [...]

Post-Op Pain (Or Lack Thereof)

It has only been four days, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of post-op pain. The pain was pretty severe immediately after the surgery (7/10), and it was difficult to sleep that night. However, once the pain medication kicked in, it went away and just never came back. I stopped taking the [...]


My surgery–initially scheduled for this Thursday–was moved forward thanks to an opening in the schedule, and I had it done yesterday. Overall, it seems to have been a success. The pain was pretty severe initially, and it was very difficult to sleep last night. But now the medication seems to be kicking in, and the [...]