Getting Old

June 1, 2014

OK so I’ve been in a cast and crutches for about 6 weeks and I’m about done with them. 9 June is when start wearing the boot but not entirely sure how much pressure I’ll be able to put on my leg. That’s also when I start Physical Therapy which I’m a little nervous about too. I finally drove for the first time since I ruptured my achilles but I had to drive my wife’s SUV (automatic) vice my little stick shift Jetta. Wife and kids were a little nervous but it wasn’t all bad. Probably won’t happen too often, but it was nice to get behind the wheel again. Well, until next time fellow Achilles Peeps… Achilles Marine OUT!

It’s been a while

May 11, 2014

OK so life hasn’t slowed down any so I unfortunately I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like. So since my last post I’ve gotten my first cast and I guess my biggest complain is the cramps. Every now and then after having my leg up for a while and get to moving around my calf cramps up REALLY bad. So from what I’ve read on the internet its the blood rushing back into a muscle thats not being used. I have an appointment on Monday to get my stitches out and get recasted so I’ll ask the Doc then about the cramping. My only other complain would be sleeping with a heavy @$$ cast. I’ve been using a body pillow which has helped me from not kicking my wife in my sleep with the cast. Ok well today is Sunday and its Mother’s day so yet another busy day.

The Flip Side

April 24, 2014

Hello All

So I’ve had my surgery and I’m at home recouping.  Been hopped up on Oxycodone so the pain hasn’t been terribly bad. I’ve been between a five and nine since I came home on Tuesday 22 Apr.  I happen to be in much better mood this week.  This would’ve been a pretty depressing blog had I started last week.

Thanks to Dennis for helping me getting this blog rolling, I was just about to give up on it.