Getting Old

June 1, 2014

OK so I’ve been in a cast and crutches for about 6 weeks and I’m about done with them. 9 June is when start wearing the boot but not entirely sure how much pressure I’ll be able to put on my leg. That’s also when I start Physical Therapy which I’m a little nervous about too. I finally drove for the first time since I ruptured my achilles but I had to drive my wife’s SUV (automatic) vice my little stick shift Jetta. Wife and kids were a little nervous but it wasn’t all bad. Probably won’t happen too often, but it was nice to get behind the wheel again. Well, until next time fellow Achilles Peeps… Achilles Marine OUT!

2 Responses to “Getting Old”

  1. davidk said:

    While there are many different protocols on timing, once you get into a walking boot, they usually have you start walking–first PWB, then FWB. Although daunting at first, I found it to be a rather fast transition to FWB, which required as much mental as physical work–having confidence in your injured foot to be able to support you once again. It’s still early in this recovery marathon and you’ve got a lot of PT work ahead of you, but things do get much better from this point. Good luck! -David

  2. normofthenorth said:

    And having confidence in the boot to do the job of your AT & calf!

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