AchillesBlog T-shirts T-shirt image small T-shirts are back! T-shirts are now available through Through Zazzle, you can now choose from several different T-shirt styles. (By customizing, you can select from all the different T-shirt styles that Zazzle carries.) You can choose from several different “light” colored T-shirts also, and you won’t have to worry about the site running out of certain T-shirt sizes.

The really cool thing is that I’ve opened up the T-shirt design so that you can add your blog address to the T-shirt. For example, I can add “” on the back, or add my own slogan, in addition to the one that’s already there. MY favorite is: “One step closer.”

I’ve given the ones that I bought last time away to friends, so I’ll be buying myself some through Zazzle too. About $1 - $2 from the sale of the T-shirts are going into supporting the site, and the rest goes to Zazzle. But they are providing a neat service. If you want a T-shirt and can’t afford one, please let me know, and I can send some out to you!

If you’d like to support, you can through Paypal’s “Make a Donation” button on the left as well.

Happy healing!

Here are some pictures of the AchillesBloggers wearing their T-shirts! Feel free to post your pictures on your blogs, and I’ll add them here. You can also e-mail me the pictures, and I can add them for you.
(achillesblog at gmail dot com ) Replace “dot” with “.” and “at” with “@”

Please click on the image to view the AchillesBloggers’ picture gallery.

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31 Responses to “AchillesBlog T-shirts”

  1. [...] hope you wear the T-shirts, and as Daveleft suggested, if you want to be included in the T-shirt gallery, please let me [...]

  2. Check out these pictures.

    Just click on the thumbnails, and it’ll show the enlarged photos without refreshing the page.

  3. I’ve updated the T-shirt picture gallery with a few more pictures.
    Also, it’s using a new photo gallery software, which is much nicer than the other photo gallery software.

    We are pretty much sold out of the T-shirts now. Just 2 XL T-shirts left.

  4. I’ve updated the T-shirt picture gallery with a nice picture from Jim.

  5. Are you ordering any more shirts?

  6. jamie - Yes, we’ll be ordering more T-shirts. I am considering using different T-shirts and colors, so I am in the process of getting samples from PrintMojo. I’ll let everyone know when the T-shirts are available. It’ll be within 3 weeks, but I am shooting for 2 weeks.

  7. Great, Thanks Dennis.

  8. If this tee wasn’t a 50/50 blend, I’d pick one up:

    Cute though ;)

  9. Oooooppppps Daveleft you wouldn’t wear one of those t-shirts down Canal Street in Manchester !!!! Think the meaning over here must be very very different.

    It’s Manchester’s gay pride week in Manchester next week, and… would sell very well then !


  10. Ah, yes…G.B. Shaw would be pleased to be proven right again!

    And you know what? I would wear the tee! ‘Cuz I’ve become a one-legged ass kicking mofo after being on crutches for four months and counting!

  11. soo, no more shirts? i missed my chance to order one. just had a newborn in the household, things have been pretty hectic… :)

  12. antmtbr - I’ll be ordering more T-shirts.. it’ll probably be about 2-3 weeks. :)

  13. Any news on the t-shirts

  14. jamie - T-shirts are available! :) Enjoy!

    You can now choose from several different T-shirt styles.
    You can now choose from several different “light” colors.
    You can now customize the T-shirts and add additional slogan or even your Blog’s address.
    Men’s T-shirts and Women’s T-shirts have different front logos, so if you want a different logo, please let me know and I can add that too.

  15. Dennis,
    Great news about the tees…can’t wait to wear mine to PT. Hey, how did you find this site? I like that the logo is just up there and you can order any shirt you want…our school does a lot of logo-wear and this is so smart as there is always some back and forth about what everyone would like to wear! How do you set up the donation back to the organization? Anyway, I’d like to suggest this for our school….thanks,

  16. hilary13 - there are a few places that offer similar print on demand services, and I’d thought I’d give them a try. There are lots of benefits over traditional print shops, but you do have to pay a little more.

  17. Do you think you will ever go into the Polo style t-shirt. I know these would be more expensive but they could be used for golf etc.

  18. dazf - I’ve added a couple of Polo T-shirts to the gallery as well. They are actually a little cheaper, because I didn’t add the back image to the shirt. Just the front logos. Enjoy.

  19. I will wait for my round neck shirt to come first then i will defo order a polo shirt for myself.

  20. Looks like Zazzle is having a sale, and I think it’ll also apply towards the AchillesBlog T-shirts: 14.92% off all orders! This weekend only! Use code: COLUMBUS2008.

  21. AchillesBlog T-shirts discounts:
    20.08% OFF all shirts. Use code: ZTSHIRTS2008

    Here’s a coupon code that Zazzle e-mailed me. I don’t know if there is a limit or not, but at least one person should be able to use it.
    $10.00 off at Zazzle (expires tomorrow.)
    Use this code when you checkout:


  22. Assuming we cant get these tshirts over here in the UK…? Theyre awesome.

  23. chana7 - you should be able to get them in the UK too. They are sold through Zazzle:*

  24. I love the T-shirt! Well Good luck for the recovery! I know its tough!

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