Three years out…

Greetings.  It’s been three years plus and not a day goes by without a reminder of the rupture.  If I keep still for more than ten minutes, my tendon becomes stiff and I have to flex/stretch to move well.  My rupture was on the right foot, and for the last two years the left Achilles aches occasionally and also stiffens after a prolonged rest.  I’ve learned to stretch both every morning before showering otherwise I shuffle across the room.  Frankly, I’m afraid of rupturing the left tendon so I exert myself with extreme caution—not very healthy.  I am now over fifty so this may all be an age issue, but I feel that I am still recovering.  Indeed, I finally rode a bicycle in November.  I’d love to have all my  courage back.

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    As you probably know already, your fear of rupturing your OTHER (left) AT is what I sometimes call “the WORST kind of fear — well-grounded fear”! And if you WERE going to “do” the other AT, badminton would be a fine choice of methods. Bicycling and swimming pool stuff aren’t very high-risk, barring nasty bike accidents. Courage is largely within our own choice, so if you’d really love to have yours back, you probably can. Or if you’re happy being a bit wimpier than you used to be, that’s OK, too.

    One of the fringe benefits of my own return to competitive volleyball (beach and court) is that for about half of every week, I’m so stiff all over, it’d be impossible to notice if either of my healed ATs were stiff! ;-) And at 66, most of my joints “gel” after a relatively short bit of rest. (That “gel” thing is the medical-science term to explain what I’ve always called “old man noises” — like the sounds my Dad used to make — and I now do for a day or two after volleyball — while getting up out of a comfy chair!)

  2. housemusic Says:

    Oh I know that constant fear…
    My 4-month surgery anniversary (left tendon) is coming up on January 16, and my repaired tendon is healing well. However, the pain in the OTHER (right) tendon has been getting worse and my biggest fear is rupturing it.
    Just like you, I am extra cautious with every step I take. I even avoid walking at night for fear of mistepping in the street. I”m pretty much renouncing the activities I love (gym/bodybuilding, skiing, dancing), and I don’t plan on doing much walking unless necessary. The pain has been going on for a year, much before I ruptured the left tendon. My doctor said this is now a chronic problem called “tendinopathy”, and that it responds quite well to Platelet Rich Plasma treatments. As soon as my repaired tendon is strong, I will get it done. You may want to look inot it as well.

  3. raoul Says:

    I have ruptured my right achilles twice and it’s now 3 1/2 years since I underwent my last surgery. Like you I’ve also had symptoms in my left achilles and it’s taken very long time to recover. I’m 52 years old and I have wondered if slow healing is due to age or if I’m just a “slow healer”. I feel that I have been very patient, done a lot of stretching and tried a lot of times to go back to activities, then been forced to take a step back, but after a while I’ve tried again. The last 2-3 months I’ve adjusted my diet - I’ve cut back on carbohydrates and have been eating more fat and proteins, and that seems to have had a positive effect on my achilles.

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