Limping to the milestone

I can hardly believe it will be a year in just few days.  Since the rupture I have not run, jumped, moved impulsively or dashed up or down the stairs.  It doesn’t help that my other leg (actually it’s the knee) has a rebuilt ACL with a patellar graft. When doing lots of walking I have to pay attention or I’ll get lazy and start limping or worse, waddle when I’m tired.  But this is sounds like a downer post…not so.

The edema is practically non-existent and I have basically my original full range of motion after a little morning stretch and exercise.  True my gait has changed but the cool thing is I no longer have my callus on the ball of my foot.  I walk differently.  I learned that Earth shoes are still on the market and I now own a pair of cool Earth mules.  The negative heel helps stretch and exercise the tendon when I walk.  I also learned that my husband and sons can find enough food in the kitchen without me hovering over them.

I did not gain weight despite being laid up for an entire summer.

I have lots and lots of pain pills left over…I didn’t need them.

I had/have a good surgeon and a good physiotherapist….again (from the ACL).

Perhaps most important is that I am healthy and I learned that I do not have to teach every summer session because it is all right to stay home and read for pleasure.  I am looking forward to riding my new bicycle later this summer.

Fellow Badminton ATR Fallen - At my age I have decided to retire from the game.  I will enjoy the sport vicariously since my spouse and sons compete.   The local indoor pool can provide the low impact exercise I crave.  I’m in the metro DC region and the badminton community is relatively small so if you play and you attend a tournament, you’ll see me.

3 Responses to “Limping to the milestone”

  1. Marianne Bridges Says:

    I just happened to log on today for the first time in months, and what a coincidence to read your post….I am at the same recovery time as you are and my spam word is “goals”. I need to make some ;) First off, congratulations for making it to the finish line of our marathon..I wish you continued good luck with your recovery, because as I know, we are still recovering even though we’ve made it to the one year mark. Anyway, you have inspired me to post an update to my blog, so thank you, my ATR friend!

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