It’s been a while since I’ve posted…because I’ve been ridiculously busy.  The semester ended today and I gave my last final exam.  I’ll spend the next week grading.  All this means is that I will continue to sporadically exercise for at least a week.  Since the weather has become colder I find I am stiff in the mornings and my ATR scar makes its presence felt.  I did keloid so I’m using Mederma, but  I suspect this will have little effect because a keloid isn’t just a scar.  In addition the scar is much darker than the general area.  I’m not vain, but I already have scars from my ACL so I’d rather not walk around looking like I fight for a living.

I am still not allowed to run which is fine with me; winter’s on its way, but I haven’t had time to go on the treadmill for over two months.  My plan for the break, visit the gym.  My Spring schedule is much more sane so I will have a routine with my health in mind.  All in all, I’m barely limping, but I’m not even 80%.  I feel fine, just disappointed that I was not able to do more of the right thing.  I’ve been reading post about reinjured ATRs.  This scares me, especially since I occasionally feel a tingle back there.  Yes, I’m long overdue for a decent massage and workout.

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