No Limp

I have one week of physical therapy left and I am finally not thinking about not limping when I walk.  I just walk without the limp.  I returned to work six weeks ago and I’ve been extremely busy since I was MIA via ATR for two months.  Colleagues have been supportive without hovering.  I have found two helpful products; compression knee-hi hosiery and a compression open toe ankle booty.  I was surprised by edema when the cast came off.  Almost none of my shoes fit because of the swelling.  This has gone down considerably and I am finally believing and seeing a light and the end of this tunnel.

I realize now how worrisome this has been for my children, particularly the limping and the cane.  I still have the cane, but I use it when I know I’ll climb stairs as I walk across campus or go to other buildings.

It’s been four months, and I’m still healing.  My gait is almost normal and I’m happy about that.

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  1. gw0508 Says:

    I loved playing badminton and enjoyed catching the Olympics online too. Haven’t played in years though because I never knew anyplace to play around here and now, I am just half crutching around! Oh for those days. Good luck in getting back to it! I haven’t even started PT yet. It feels like a long way to go. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. hobblit Says:


    Congratulations on losing the limp, it’s something I certainly don’t miss. I wear compression socks daily as well as I believe it has helped my recovery. There are differences in quality, I prefer the Jobst brand, medium firmness 15-20mm/Hg. I’m even considering going to some badminton dropins and just working on high deep overhead clears. Certainly no lunging for drop shots for another few months.

  3. job Says:

    I could not agree more. But then once again it is 3am where I am so I may agree to anything. Oh yeah, thank you for using the apostrophe properly. ;-)

  4. acupuncturist Says:

    I could not agree much more. But then again it’s 3am exactly where I am so I may well agree to anything. Oh yeah, thank you for making use of the apostrophe correctly. ;-)

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