Charlie horse

My physical therapy has been very helpful. Every morning my balance and walking feels better and stronger. Of course theres a “but” coming…. but Sunday as I was walking up the stair case I started with the right foot [instead of the correct foot] and felt my calf muscles vehemently protest. I’ve been aching ever since. I am annoyed because the tendon area is fine and I want to exercise, stretch and massage, but now I’m afraid of this muscle cramp. Monday the PT put me on the stationary bike and I couldn’t complete five revolutions because of the discomfort. He took me off immediately and spent the rest of the session working on the calf muscles. I didn’t expect this and realize now that I should have told him about the cramp before starting the session. I haven’t had this sensation since swimming way, way back in secondary school.

I am blogging because I’m home rather than at my PT. I still have the cramp when I gently apply pressure with my toes and the ball of my foot. This is not good and has to be worked out. Did I mention it hurts? It also frightens me because I think of re-rupture. I also have a deadline…faculty return on the twenty-first. I’m walking slowly, with a cane or crutch, and my mind still functions so for all intents and purposes I can work. This ATR completely consumed my summer; I teach so with the exception of finding an adjunct for my summer session course, I have had the luxury of time to convalesce.  I’m still not driving, cannot stand for too long and I’m not really in two shoes…the edema trumps that option for now.  This cramp was not a part of the agenda!

I think I’m venting.

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  1. screwdriver Says:

    im not a doctor but i know cramps is a sign of metabolic causes and fatigue - and also it may be muscle guarding from injury.
    you might need to visit your doctor for a check up coz it is holding you back and you need a definite answer if it is ok to continue your PT or if you need to get it to rest / or immobilized for a while.

  2. damacar Says:


    Let me know what your Doc says about the cramping. I called my doc and my PT to get an answer. Apparently its common with the injury. I guess i’ve just gotten used to it. Twice since I’ve gone to FWB, two shoes have I NOT been awakened by leg cramps. TWICE! Needless to say, I’m tired. I’ve tried everything but leg cramp medication. I actually got them mid workout yesterday! Mine aren’t from lack of stretching. My ATR foot actually flexes back further than the left! I’ve pretty much ruled everything out. I drink over a gallon of water a day, so I upped my salt a bit. I take a multi with potassium, I eat a ridiculously balanced diet…..I’ve always been prone to them and they’ve always happened in the ATR leg. I know the leg cramp medications have quinine so I tried tonic…with gin of course, still didin’t do it.
    Hang in there!

  3. dennis Says:

    accompong & damacar -
    Here’s some information about cramps:

  4. damacar Says:

    Thanks Dennis! I heard kiwi’s have quite a bit also, not sure if that’s true but i didn’t see it on the list.

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  6. Horse Deworming Says:

    Ohh. It doesn’t sounds good. You better go to a doctor to have some check up. Hope you will be fine soon.

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