Damn edema!

Started rehab last week and by the end of the first session I walked more smoothly with my crutches. I feel stronger and more confident each day, but the swelling is distressing. The tightness and stiffness is surprising and expected but the edema is awful. It probably isn’t as bad as I think it is, but I’ve never had anything like this before. The therapist massaged the area (a major Wow!!) and recommended a compression stocking. I now have a pair of thigh highs. It does help actually, but it is major work getting it on. All this inactivity has left me with freakishly long fingernails. I’m enjoying them but will cut them off before returning for the new semester, however it is evident that I am easily amused as I make a game of putting on tight edema hosiery without puncturing the stocking with my claws. Think of Edward Scissorhands.

Two days ago I started using one crutch and will probably move to my cane only for staircases by the end of the weekend. I guess I am full weight bearing now, and so here is my confession; the surgeon was right…I didn’t need the boot after all. I’ve worn it twice. This may be posted for the world to see, but I’ll not tell him!

Well, I watched the Tivo of the Beijing Olympics’ opening ceremony with my foot elevated. Impressive production. Obviously I know better than to expect badminton coverage even though matches have already begun.  The US isn’t likely to medal and the sport isn’t well known here.  Thankfully the Internet provides access to direct feed for many of the badminton matches. I just watched men’s singles, (Ireland lost to Germany) and happily look forward to more. So I’ll do my exercises, elevate and massage, watch Olympic badminton and not dwell too much on my lost youth.

4 Responses to “Damn edema!”

  1. hobblit Says:

    Where on the internet are you finding badminton coverage? Australian TV showed for 5min max!

  2. Accompong Says:

    This is the site that I watched a live feed on.


    This is an NBC setup so I’m not sure how this will transmit for you. Please let me know if it does; I’m curious. Just watched mens’ singles. Estonia lost to Poland. The camera work is excellent!!

    Actually, the US has vastly improved television coverage this time around. I’ve already watched women’s handball, fencing, badminton, and dressage, none of which I’ve seen on US broadcasts before. They are appearing on various channels. The commentary can be magnificently idiotic. I need and deserve to be entertained.

  3. tennisjunkie Says:

    I checked out the site and saw some amazing badminton! Wow, nothing like those backyard games of old. I love all sports with raquets.

  4. dennis Says:

    accompong - It looks like FWB date in the Achilles Profile is incorrect, can you please update it? Thanks.

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