Time Biding

I have to learn to temper my need for independence with sensible, practical patience. I was too excited about my newfound ability to partially walk, albeit slowly, and now I’m back on my butt. I didn’t injure myself, but clearly my walk to the corner was foolhardy. The last two days have been spent with my foot elevated and covered with ice packs because of the swelling. There was no swelling at all at the time of the injury. I didn’t even have swollen ankles with my two full-term pregnancies!! Now I have this bloated hoof with peeling skin and gaudy traces of a once fine pedicure. It’s also too uncomfortable to put on the very boot I rallied for.

So now I must bide my time and really, really be patient. I messed up. Learn from this, dear reader. Every day requires a full 24 hours and that’s that. Time to put fresh ice in my bag.

5 Responses to “Time Biding”

  1. hilary13 Says:

    Hi. You left a comment for me today and I was happy to meet someone out there in a similar situation (even the fading pedicure!),,,I am also worried about the stress that this R ATR is putting on my L ACL…I try to crutch only when necessary, and I am using a knee walker on flat areas. This will get harder when I get back to San Francisco! I totally hear you about not being able to hop with the repaired knee. Stairs are a big fat bummer. I have taken to going up and down them on my butt. How old are your kids? My 8 year old is really trying to help, but the 5 year old is a little freaked out by how changed our daily life is. I am going to try delegating the vacuuming though! Keep in touch…hilary13

  2. hobblit Says:

    Thanks for the warning, I’ve also found that I have my good days and bad days. If I push myself on a bad day my foot swells a bit. Strange but my toenails on my ATR foot haven’t grown much since the injury 5wks ago. I’ve been watching badminton games on the internet and I wonder if I’ll ever dare attempt a lunge again.

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