The Boot

I’m counting the days. I’m scheduled to have the second cast removed around the 23rd. I have a question; what is the technical name of the boot? I’ve been surfing the Web and I’ve found pictures (many from posts to this blog–wonderful) but so far no name for it. This is probably just boredom and anxiety combined, but I’d like some idea of quality, range of benefits based on brand.

I know driving with a boot on is unwise and I have no intention of doing so, but how is driving without the boot?

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  1. trider23 Says:

    I have driven with the boot a few times and it was nice to get out of the house without anyone’s help. It was quite liberating. Since you cannot angle your foot you kind of have to lift and move your whole leg to brake or accelerate. Your right leg has been “resting” for quite awhile and is not prepared for this workout so it can get tiresome. So I keep it to short rides. After I realized I could drive I got so excited, and then my wife brought me back to the reality of the dangers. The boot is large and could easily get caught or snagged under the brake pedal. Good luck.

  2. gotthat77 Says:

    There are several versions of the boot. The name of the company that makes mine is dj orthropedics. A company called aircast makes another (more attractive) version. I dont recommend anyone driving with the boot, however its do able and is extreemly liberating . I have not tried to drive without the boot. Good luck!

  3. hobblit Says:

    I’m not sure about the boot either, but found an article comparing a number of models:

  4. jennstoc0613 Says:

    My boot is from dj orthopedics. I was told by my doctor that it was illegal for me to drive with the boot on. I’m not rebelious enough to try. Just be careful and good luck!

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