The toes

As I get more room in the cast I find myself wiggling my toes more and more. Today I realized I was pushing off with my toes while walking with the crutches. There is no pain at all and given the way my foot is restricted, I hardly believe I’m placing weight on the tendon…but still I’m wondering if this is typical. Honestly, I was actually happy that I was doing something with the foot.

Mom story alert - I stood on crutches and supervised my 9-year old as he vacuumed the hallway. He turned it off and I showed him how to release the clear canister to empty it. He proudly surveyed the contents then announced “Hey, this is the most suckage I’ve ever seen.” I walked away, balancing ever so briefly with my toes.

I’ve been looking over posts and I haven’t come across the topic of keloids when discussing the scar. A keloid is over zealous healing - the scar tissue goes beyond the wound or incision boundary thus leaving a raised slick-skinned lumpiness. I bring this up because there is a little debate about stitches vs. staples. My surgeon used staples. When they were removed I was amazed to see the clean slice he’d made. I don’t recall the little holes or how many. Essentially I wondering if others have had fewer issues with scars with staples or stitches. I’ll ask the surgeon when I return to have the cast removed. I am prone to this condition and I know there are now products on the market to reduce them. Here’s a picture, not my knee, and not gross.

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  1. annieh Says:

    That looks nasty. I have a similar problem in that I heal too quickly. In the past I have had to have wounds opened again because my skin has grown back before stitches have been removed.

    A few years ago I sprained my ankle and ended up having an operation because I had ‘grown’ an extra bit of ligament to compensate for the one that had been damaged. Spooky !!!

    Hope it improves.


  2. klock kopior Says:

    Till skillnad från vissa andra Omega dyk replika klockor, som vintage Ploprof som jag testade 2016, låter Seamaster Ultra Deep inte som en 6 000 m dykklocka.

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