Feeling Blue

Today is a national holiday, Fourth of July, but we won’t be attending any fireworks celebrations which is really pathetic because we live in the nation’s capital.  The kids aren’t that keen on going outdoors with (or without) me.  Why?  Because I’m really having a miserable time on crutches; my left knee is not 100% (ACL replacement in ‘03) and I’m terrified of re-injury.  I’m in my second cast which is almost 90 degrees…but not quite, thus I cannot put any weight on the right foot.  So the end result is that I’m awkward, fearful and not much fun to be out and about with.

It’s also slowly sinking in that these past four weeks are not the half way mark.  This “healing” is going to take time.  There has been remarkably little pain, almost no swelling, and I’ve been able to bathe as often as I want by stradling the bathtub (sorry about the image).  BUT I cannot drive, walk, or carry things.  I’m largely dependent on a my sons and husband.  When I do bump and roll down the stairs, the general condition of my house saddens me.  I keep telling myself that this is all temporary and intellectually I know this is true.   Intellectually.  Emotionally I’m frustrated because this isn’t the summer I had planned.

Bright side…I haven’t had to purchase gasoline for almost five weeks and my family is learning how to cook.  In all fairness, when I suggest specific cleaning (clean the bathrooms, launder the towels) it is done with reasonable results.  Focus on the good things.

Okay, so what I need help with is simple exercises for my abdomen and arms.  I’m dealing with too little activity.


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  1. momsowie Says:

    Happy July 4th,

    I think you’re voicing what many of us are feeling these days. Spent Canada Day with foot elevated looking outside at the beautiful day, thankful that my kids were with my parents enjoying the activities and that my husband had a chance to chill (as much as you can) on the golf course. Unfortunately there was a “police incident” on one of the only two bridges that join Vancouver to the north shore where we live which closed it off from 1pm until after 7pm. All the rest of the family convened at my parents for dinner while I put something together for myself and our two dogs. At least everyone came home that night - we were going to leave the kids overnight at the grandparents if the bridge was closed a 1/2 hour longer.

    Can I count any pluses? I had worked out a reduced work schedule for this summer and was planning to play more with my two toddlers, get back into shape, finish stuff around the house, etc., etc., when ATR did its thing. I am thankful that I have a job that I can do mostly from home and a company that has been nothing short of wonderful about all this. And, I’m glad that if this HAD to happen, it didn’t occur while out on the trails somewhere with the dogs…cell phone coverage can be spotty and I’m sure I would have caused much more damage trying to get back out. And most of all, I’m glad my husband has been covering two toddlers, two dogs and an invalid spouse plus his real job - especially the early morning and middle of the night episodes.

    All in all, this isn’t permanent nor life-threatening and I’ve got an excuse to spend money on myself (for PT, massage, etc.) - it’s not pampering, is REHAB.


    Moms “Owie”

  2. damacar Says:

    If you look at previous posts not just of mine, we’ve ALL been down in the dumps. Hang in there!! “O” (supposed to be a hug) =)

    As for workouts for arms and abs. If you have On Demand or something similar with your cable company, there are mini workouts. Try Fitv, you can modify or just skip some of the exercises. Personally, I did dips with my crutches and while I was crutching, if no one was around, I would pick my knees up as far as I could by contracting my ab muscles. Also, any sporting goods store will have resistance bands for really cheap, they come with either a poster or DVD workout.


  3. annieh Says:

    Look at some of my posts, and you will see that what you experienced has happened to us all at some time, it lasts a few days then gradually you come out the other side.

    Watch something on TV or DVD that you know will make you laugh, laughter is the best form of medicine.

    Good luck

  4. kkdub Says:

    I’m sorry you are feeling down. I think I’m having a down day too…its so gorgeous outside and all I want to do is go out and play, shop, skip and sit out side at the coffee shop.

    Hang in there. I’m watching silly movies today….that does seem to help.

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