I tried and drove my pregnant wife’s today. Just a small ride around the neighborhood and the only discomfort was at the front top of my foot. The pain was probably from me where high boots and slight tightening on my foot. I mention my wife is 34 weeks pregnant which added to my motivation to start driving. Her truck is automatic which musy have made it easier.

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  1. I’m glad that went well for you–and can certainly understand why you want to feel able to drive, with your wife expecting…

    I’m a bit farther down the recovery road than you, and today I drove by myself to a PT appointment–about 15 miles round-trip. It went very well–no pain accelerating or braking.

  2. So great that you’re driving! I’m a labor & delivery nurse and it always amazes me when a laboring woman drives herself to the hospital…talk about distracted driving. Hopefully your wife will last another 4 weeks…everyone will be ready then! Good luck :)

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