Now that I can walk indoors, my next question and step is to drive and walk outdoors with two shoes.

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  1. Hi! Have you tried driving left footed yet? It’s suprisingly easy…just place your right leg on either the right side of the console (if you have one)…or just the other side. Of course this only works if you have an automatic. I started doing this at 5 weeks thank to my friends at this blog :). After a few short trips I felt very confident & safe. I started driving regular again once I could walk with 2 shoes confidently and for me it was about the 9-10 week mark, but you seem to be going the fast route..so good luck & don’t push it. Listen to your foot (&gut)!

  2. Oh…I forgot to mention, if you have cruise control…it helps a lot with preventing fatigue/pain both when driving left footed & when you go back to right footed. I also put a bunch of blankets on the (right side) floor to cushin & elevate the right foot in the early days.

  3. thanks for the advice

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