I am a 38 yr old male who ruputured his right achilles on December 1, 2011 playing recreational ball hockey with friends. It was the last game of the season with 10 minutes left in a 2 hr game which I have have been playing for the last 4 years averaging 35 games a year.
I got operated on December 5, 2011 and was put in a cast (until the knee) for 8 days when I was fitted with removable air boot and given a physiotherapy appointment for a week later. I have been to 3 pt appointments and on january 10, 2012 I met with the surgeon who said I can start walking in the house without the boot during the week on Jan 16 which I have started.
After just 6 weeks post-operation I am walking without crutches, boots or canes and going up and down stairs. I would like to know if others are experiencing anything like this type of recovery.
To finalize I would like to add I did my pt reliogiously at home and was not working.

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  1. It sounds like you’re making excellent progress.

    I believe there are some good benefits to getting into two shoes so early- your calf muscle is re-engaged sooner; reducing atrophy. Also, going to unsupported full weight bearing, you’ll retain more strength in all the stabilizer muscles. You should experience less heel pain; given that you’ve had a shorter time being off of it. etc. In short, by accelerating the 1st part of your recovery, I think you’re going to have a much easier time with the 2nd part (strength rebuilding, etc.). That’s all good.

    But now the “bad” news… by doing so, you’ve also taken on a higher risk level. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the tendon healing has been greatly accelerated too. Everything seems to indicate that the tendon healing time is pretty much fixed at 12-16 weeks. Until that time, you are at increased risk of re-rupture (and maybe healing long too). Without the protection of a boot, it is a lot easier to do damage to that still healing tendon.

    So, while I DO think that your path/progress so far has been great, and will really help with the 2nd part of your recovery: that 2nd part really shouldn’t get started for another 6 weeks or so. For the next 6 weeks, your most important job is to be careful and patient. By all means, stay active, keep the foot mobile, keep weight bearing, walking, and working on your PT. But more critically- stay diligently careful, and avoid a careless slip which could set you (all the way) back. Also I’d be cautious about doing any aggressive stretching during this period.

    Congrats on your progress so far, and keep us posted!

  2. And I’m with Ryan! :-)

  3. BTW, you’re about 2 weeks ahead of my schedule from my second ATR, non-op. Keep healing and progressing, and do Watch Your Step!

  4. It seems you have done your research and thanks for sharing that with me. My next step I am looking forward to is being able to walk with two shoes outdoors and driving my car.

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