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Recovery Timeline

January 4th, 2012 by abbieb

12/11/11: ruptured left ATR

12/12/11: met with surgeon & scheduled surgery

12/14/11: open surgery

12/11-12/26/11: off of work

12/27/11: returned to work, full day

12/29/11: stayed home from work due to very painful swelling

12/30/11: returned to work but only open till 12 due to New Year’s; doctor’s apt. where staples were removed and was recasted

Note: I have a desk job with my own office so for the most part I am able to semi-elevate my leg during the day. My supervisor and workplace have been extremely accommodating especially since I was only working there for five weeks before this happened. My supervisor shattered her ankle three years ago so she can relate to what I’m going through which has been so helpful.

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    • abbieb has completed the grueling 26.2 ATR miles to full recovery!
      Goal: 365 days from the surgery date.
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