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January 2nd, 2012 by abbieb

After a few weeks of contemplating to blog about my ATR recovery or not I finally decided to join AchillesBlog. I ruptured my Achilles tendon on 12/11/11 (Sunday) while playing indoor soccer. My story is nothing out of the ordinary, I was in a standing position and went to accelerate when I heard a very loud pop. Almost immediately I felt a very intense pain in my heel, I turned to look behind me because I had thought someone kicked me but no one was there. A little disoriented, I attempted to walk but stumbled as I put pressure on my foot. My foot was flat on the ground but it felt like it was hanging, the feeling made me nausea. I then hopped off the field and had a teammate remove my shoes, shinguards and socks. As I felt my heel I briefly thought I broke something because I could only feel a gap and no bone in my heel, that’s when I realized something was definitely wrong.  I iced my heel during the rest of the game then managed to hop to my car.

On 12/12/11 (Monday), I went to my primary care physician were he took a brief look and referred me to an orthopedic surgery group. Later that day, I saw a sports physician who determined my Achilles was completely torn via an ultrasound. I then saw the surgeon who specializes in foot/ankle problems and he did the Thompson test and briefly discussed my options. I knew going into the appointment that I would choose surgery and was interested in hearing more about the percutaneous option but my surgeon only performs the open surgery. He claims there is a lower re-rupture rate with the open option and it really wasn’t open for debate.  Before I knew it my surgery was scheduled for 12/14/11. Looking back I would have like to had more time to research other surgeons but everything happened so fast that I felt this was my only option.

Currently, I am almost three weeks post-op. On 12/30/11 I had my staples removed and was re-casted. My doctor said the incision was healing nicely which obviously I was very happy about. I have been taking my temperature everyday to screen for an infection.  My next appointment is on 1/27/12 where I will have my cast removed! I will then use a boot and start physical therapy. Compared to other recovery posts, my doctor’s approach seems to be very conservative. I am young (27) and was very active before my injury so I am hoping I will be able to return to my full activity level prior to the injury. I have set several realistic goals and hope to return stronger than I was before!

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