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Going back to sport that caused ATR?

January 4th, 2012 by abbieb

The first two days after my injury I was set on returning back to soccer but as time has gone on I’m really not sure if I can step on a field again. I’m 27 and don’t really want to "retire"  but is rec indoor soccer really worth it? I also did not have any soreness in my tendon before this so I think that adds to my apprehension. I’m just curious how many of you out there went back to the sport or activity that caused your ATR?

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Pain During Recovery

January 3rd, 2012 by abbieb

I am three weeks post -op and still  have substantial pain along my incision (from open surgery). The cast feels like it digs into the incision area and I am constantly trying to adjust my leg to alleviate the pain.  The pain is more of a stinging intermittent pain rather than a dull pain. I called and left a message with my doctor today to see when this pain usually subsides, I thought it would when my staples were removed and my cast changed but the pain is still the same. It seems to be most bothersome at night.  Has anyone else experienced a similar type of pain? (Note: I elevate my leg a lot)

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