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just wondering if any one in uk just watched the air rescue ambulance documentry & saw the guy paralysed from the neck down after motorbike crash, made me stop & think for a minute ! Feel quite fortunate at this moment in time.

Any tips on best way to use ice to reduce swelling ie for how long & how often ? thanks

just curious if any come accross any instances where this has happened to a parent as well. be interested to know thanks as the identical injury ( same leg ) stuck my dad ( although he was dancing the greek way not the abba way)


Thanks for feedback, really grrovy all this blogging stuff, still nervous about what im doing, learing to walk & blog all at once is a tall order, although wont attempt to do both at once.!


had incident 31 august- dancing to mama mia- friends and family had been likening me to julie walters from the movie  ( prior accident)although dont feel like much of a  dancing queen at the moment-6 weeks & 6 days- walking in low heel unaided ? start physio tomoz-staying positive although dont think its going to be ‘a walk inthe park’ !!



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