2 shoes

You know I never realized the big deal with the 2 shoes posts until now!!!  Had my 8 week doc visit yesterday and was cleared for shoes.  Man on man….I was excited to shuffle around the house.  I was given 3 simple strengthening exercises to do twice daily, and could even feel the ole calf working…that was more exciting than 2 shoes!

I asked the doc about lifting a couple weeks ago…he said he advised against it.  I started two days ago.  I just can’t let myself go turning into a blob.  It felt great getting into the gym.  Frustrating because of regression…but great anyway.  Every Tom, Dick, and harry wants to know what happened…..and they all make the same cringe face after I tell them.  I just laugh and ask them if they want to see how badly my calf is destroyed….kinda like a conversation piece.

I also asked the doc about upcoming deer firearm hunting season, he didn’t like that idea either.  BUT, I’m just gonna wrap that baby up to give it a bunch of support and walk slowly to my stand.  I have roughly two months to build up strength, so that’s my goal.

Asked the doc when I’d see him again….he said a month….I was pumped to hear that.

I have a buddy who’s a PT, and he’s putting together a plan for me, approved by the doc to work with him.  I’ll probably still use the boot when I leave the house for now til I feel more stable in shoes, but all is going great.  Just the last two weeks of being able to get around and be more productive have brought my spirit back to life.

Hope everyone in achilles rupture land is hanging in there.

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  1. Congrats on your big day…..everyday you will feel and see the difference. Just be careful because you are most vulerable now.

  2. Congratulations,

    You will start to notice leaps and bounds on your recovery. I agree with Larry above to be careful. I read that you are a lifter, so be careful, “no pain, no gain” does not apply to this injury.

  3. 2 shoes is big milestone that comes with big responsibilities
    as well.

    I didn’t find details about your surgery from your posts , may be I just missed it. Anyway, unless you got “enforcement” on top of your stitched tendon I would be extreme aware of any unplanned foot move or activities for the next 4 weeks.
    If you comfortable start balancing on your foot for 10 sec to 60 sec next to the wall or anything that you can get support.
    It isn’t just about your calf - trust me.

    wish you faster recovery - just don’t over do it at 1st month.

  4. just got cleared for two shoes today. how long til you were driving ? also, did you continue to wear the boot outside the house?

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