1 Month Down

Well, went back for my second doc post op.  I was worried I might have screwed my surgery up by accidentally putting weight on my foot while slipping on the wet tile floor in the bathroom.  I wore green today for good luck.  I told him what happened, and he smiled and said that always seems to happen.  He felt my achilles and said all seemed in tact…then turned my foot and put significant tension on it.  He asked how that felt, and I told him that felt like quite a bit of tension.  He said, I think you’re fine were gonna go ahead and cast it.

MAJOR relief!!!  This time he put what he called a medium amount of tension on it.  It felt weird after that tendon being dormant for so long.  I have another two weeks in this cast/splint, then I get a walking boot.  Funny because after getting that boot at my first doc visit pre surgery I never thought I’d be sooooo happy to have two weeks til I get it back.

I was given a prescription for a heel lift…which they gave me a couple places I could go.  Boot + heel lift sounds great.  I asked if I’d be walking or still on crutches when I get my boot.  The doc said walking…maybe not right away, but you’ll be walking.  Walking….ohhhhh sweet walking!!!!

I also asked if I could start upper body workouts when I get my boot…doc still advised against it…and I told him he was killing me!!!  Anyone else being told not to work out upper body?????

This cast feels a little weird with the tension on the achilles….but doesn’t hurt.  Guess it’ll take a while to get used to it.  All in all a great day….and the next two weeks can’t go by fast enough.

Achilles brothers and sisters hang in there.  I wish we had an instant chat so we could all instant message our grief!!!!!!!  Somebody make that happen.

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  1. aaron - re upper body, i certainly was not advised against it. Of course, the gym is a dangerous place to be with a recently repaired achilles. So my early upper body exercises were limited to using therabands of various tensions whilst sitting with my leg up! Above all, it gave the feeling that i was still able to keep some form of exercise regime going - and my injured leg was totally uninvolved so no risks.

    This did give a natural progression once (on the advice of my physio and a few weeks post-repair!) i introduced theraband-based exercises for my injured ankle. At that point it simply became an additional set of exercises to my regime.

    Perhaps you doc thinks upper body exercises may raise your blood pressure / create swelling around your injury?


  2. I already gave you all my “rants” on your previous page — but they still stand!!

  3. Welll regardless his thoughts I’ll be working upper body once I can walk in my boot. I’m not gonna push it, try to press my biggest lift, nor walk around in a boot with dumbbells in my hand, but i’m gonna start trying to maintain where I’m at. I can avoid lifts that would strain my leg in any way, and use nautilus (even though I’m a free weigh guy).

    After all the doc didn’t say no….he said “I’d advise against it” That’s not a hard no…that’s a recommendation. My doc is great, but I really don’t see the harm.

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