Hello world!

May 12, 2008

    My injury occurred at just another typical Sunday game of basketball at the YMCA.  Everything was as usual, a light warm-up, followed by stretching, and a few pregame jump-shots.  A friend of mine called earlier that night and asked if I could sub for his team that evening.  So I hadn’t even planned on playing a lot, or at all.  But as it was, I played and everything was as usual, until a certain, unforgettable moment.  I made a cut to the basket and was about to jump from my right foot, I heard a pop (one that i swear everyone heard but apparently not) and immediately dropped to the floor and grabbed my ankle (or that area).  I knew it wasn’t an ankle but i wasn’t sure what else it could be.  I just quickly diagnosed it as a high ankle sprain to everyone else and limped off the court. 

A few months earlier I was playing basketball and as i was running up the court i felt a pull in my calf area (or what i thought to be the calf area).  Looking back on it now, i must have initially injured my Achilles tendon then.  The symptoms were the same: inability to put pressure on my toes, soreness below the calf and above the ankle, and an obvious limp.  After a few days the minor swelling disappeared and I was walking normally.  A week later i was back running, playing basketball and even lifting weights with my legs.  Everything appeared normal and healthy…until my expensive game of basketball on April 20th, 2008.