Starting my journey tomorrow

Hey guys, tore my Achilles couple weeks ago during a basketball tourney; same story just about (felt like someone threw a bowling ball at my leg). Complete left Achilles rupture. Surgery tomorrow and I’ve never had surgery so I’m a little nervous. And even more nervous about the pain afterward smh. Hopefully it’s not as bad. Just ready to get to the next phase. This hard cast is aggravating!!

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  1. Good luck tomorrow. Waiting around for surgery definitely sucks… Even though the first 2-3 post-op weeks can be frustrating, at least you know you’re on your way to getting better.

  2. It was my first surgery as well. I looked at it as the opportunity to start getting better. My doctor said on a scale of 1 to 10, fixing an ATR a 2 in difficulty. If they offer you a nerve block, take it. Although actually getting it right before the surgery involved being pricked a bunch of times, I felt no pain at all for the first day and a half after surgery. My pain was never above a 5 out of 10 and never took narcotics (no promises it will be that easy for you though). Just keep your foot elevated and don’t try to be a hero. There are alot of things that are aggravating for the first few weeks like being on the couch 22 hours a day and brushing your teeth while balancing on one leg. Once you have surgery though each day will be a little better. Good luck.

  3. good luck with the recovery — I agree with emupilot, don’t try to be a hero, take your time the first few weeks and let your body recover. I took narcotics the first few days, but overall, the pain isn’t that bad.

    Try to focus on the immediate milestones ahead: surgery, getting the cast off, starting PT, etc. As this site shows, its a marathon that will take a lot of time.

    best of luck!

  4. How is your journey going?

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