P.T. and so on…

Ok, this post should (perhaps) catch me up to date…

On December 4th, one day after cast removal, I had my first P.T. appointment. This was mostly the eval so they know what I can currently do. They took range of motion measurements, as well as some strength tests. I got to play with Bob and BAPS… We should all know what BAPS is, not sure if Bob is they proper term though, or if it’s just something they called it there. Bob was a simple wedge shaped piece on the floor that you put your toes on and leaned forward to stretch… They called it Bob, so I’m calling it Bob… :)

My range of motion was more than they expected being only one day out of the cast, but since I was not a full Achilles detachment, I guess this is why I was already ahead… As for strength, HA… Don’t make me laugh! I’ve apparently been compensating with my walk for so long (living with this for 4 years), and being in the cast for 5 weeks, that I didn’t even HAVE a Calf! My leg was the same shape from the knee to the ankle!!!

So I went home from that session with a giant rubber-band (Green) and I get to use my dogs leash for stretching… Had a few simple exercises to do at home. I set my P.T. sessions for twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I had 3 weeks before my next Doc visit (Dec 26th), so I ended up with 5 sessions total with them.

So here I am today, Saturday December 25th, after all my P.T. Sessions before the Doc visit next week… Missed yesterdays session due to an Ice Storm, but I did what I could at home. Range of Motion is a lot better, although my strength is still weak. I “CAN” push off on my left, but only a little. I have to consciously remember to walk properly, and not compensate like I used to… And I can lift up on my toes with BOTH feet, but not with the left alone yet. I do still have slight pinching of a nerve on the top of my foot at the crease (don’t know technical terms), but this is probably due to the swelling I still have… On last Tuesdays appointment, I was still showing a lot of swelling on my ankle, so I went home with some very pretty tape on it…

Pink Tape

I was told that the pink tape is the strongest hold they have… I don’t mind the color… This was done not just for the swelling, but some of the pain I was describing as well… As I go through my day walking here and there (not a lot), my sole begins to hurt… First the heel as I mentioned before, as well as the arch… This tape was to help the arch. I guess it did, as the 2 days I had it on, my arch didn’t bother me nearly as much as before… But the swelling is still an issue. I have to look into possibly getting an ankle wrap or something to help with that…

My other “Pains”… One is on the back of the foot (Don’t know the terms here, so help me out…)… The achilles attaches to a bone on the bottom-back of the foot… My pain is coming from the BOTTOM of that bone, above the heel. The other is the bottom and back of the outer ankle. This one is more piercing at times, and really only when I’m on my feet for a few hours…

These are the main things I need to work out, in order for me to get back to work… My job requires me to be on my feet all day (8 hours) and so far, I can make it about 3-4 before I start to really hurt!… :(

So… This catches me up to current… From here on, It’s a day by day recovery with all of you here.

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