Cast off!

Ok, missed a few days here, so I’m still playing catch-up. And the blog site was down for a day or 2… :(

Anyways, On with my story…

On December 3rd, I was scheduled to have the cast removed. YEAH!!! I couldn’t wait! After 5 weeks of being immobile, I needed to bend my foot.

So, the nurse removed the cast, did some minor cleaning, and left. A few minutes later, the doc comes in and gives my foot a look over and says I’m good to go… WHAT! Really??? Wasn’t expecting that. I asked it he was going to do a boot, and he said no. I could walk on this… Full weight bearing. I was still on the table, afraid to try to stand… So cautiously I got off the table. First reaction was how GOOD the floor felt on my foot, which had no REAL stimulus for 5 weeks now. Walking was VERY SLOW. I really couldn’t bend my foot more than a few degrees, and had NO strength to lift off on that foot whatsoever! Of course the doctor told me this was normal, and some Therapy and Exercises would get all that back.

The Doctor asked if I would like to do my own Exercise routine, or if I would like a P.T. Prescription. My thoughts on this was that if I was doing it, I wouldn’t push myself… At least at P.T., they would know how much I could get away with, and push me to progress more than I would at home…

The Doc wrote up the P.T. Orders for me… While I was there, I got a copy of the O.R. Report, as I would NEVER remember all the stuff he told me he did… :)

I got lucky, as the P.T. location was right across the hall from the Docs office. I dropped off the script, and set my schedule for the next day!

Here’s a pic of when I got home.

Out of cast!

Pay attention to how the heel is jotting off to the right. This is currently what bothers me the most… It “Feels like” my skin on the heel is sliding to the right as I walk, causing my foot to flex to the side as I step… After only a few hours of “On and Off” walking, my heel and Arch hurt like all hell, as well as some stabbing pain on my outer ankle. Not sure what to think about this, but almost 3 weeks out of the cast, and some of this still hurts… Hopefully this will subside, as it’s this pain that is keeping me from pushing harder with my exercises… As for the odd flexing I do when I step, I have to consciously think about this as I walk to NOT do it. Hope this stops as well…

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  1. normofthenorth on December 21st, 2013

    Never seen it or heard about that problem before, ND! Does it feel as if your whole left foot is rotating to the outside, or more sliding to the left? (Not sure why I’m asking, since I have no idea what to DO with your answer!)
    Did you discuss it with your OS? Maybe your PT will have an idea — either about what it is, what causes it, or how to fix it.

  2. coast2coast on December 22nd, 2013

    Congrats, ND! I got my cast off on Friday (5 and a half weeks) and experience the same “it feels so GOOD to stand!” sensation. I also did not go into a boot, but am PWB crutch-assisted versus FWB (which will start in a couple weeks).

    Good luck!

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