13 Days in a Splint… 3 More Weeks in a Cast!

So, for the next 13 days, I was sitting around in the living room catching up on a lot of T.V… Throughout this time I was trying to get up and about as much as I could. Of course the first 4 or so days were spent on my rear, but by day 6 I was wanting to get about as much as possible… I spent a few trips to the store with my wife, although I stayed in the car for the first few. It was great just getting out of the house! By the second week, I did manage to go into the stores with her, and used those electric carts some stores provide. A new freedom!

13 days of that, and I was ready to get the splint off! YEAH!!!

Nurse took off the splint and I was finally able to bend my ankle! Although it was very slowly, and with very limited range, it still felt great after 13 days of not being able to much more than wiggle…

13 Staples

She then took out the 13 staples. Slight pinching sensation, but another relief, as they were itching as well…

Removed Staples

Looking good. The AF is actually the Doc’s initials he put there before the surgery so he knew what leg to operate on. :)

Doc checked the wound, and says it was all doing great. Bad news was that he wanted to put me in a cast now. He wanted my ankle IMMOBILE for a full 30 days. Bad thing for me was his schedule availability meant that I would be in the cast for 3 weeks rather than 2 (Thanksgiving holiday pushed me back the extra week)…

I was told however that as long as I could tolerate it, The cast was full weight bearing if I wanted to go out with it. Just don’t get it wet.

So here I am with the cast, now getting used to walking all over again, as the angle was VERY odd to me. Any step I took seemed to force my knee back. But since I’ve never experienced this before, it was only a matter of learning HOW to walk with it…


Within 2 days, I was doing very well, and even worked myself down to only a single crutch for getting about the house.

By the second week, I was going out with my wife to the stores with only 1 crutch, still riding those carts, but doing better!

By that last week, I was hobbling along in the house without the crutch at all. I still took it (1) along when we went out, but didn’t need it at all in the house.

I was SOOOOOO looking forward to my next visit with the Doc so I could get this cast off!!!

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  1. normofthenorth on December 13th, 2013

    Get a “cast shoe” — or better, TWO of them — from a surg supply store. It makes the hard cast more like a boot, easier to roll forward without your knee getting pushed back. Use the other one on your strong side to build it up so you can stand and walk STRAIGHT, otherwise you’ll be risking other problems.
    Pity about the long immobilization and no access for PT and exercise and hygiene for so long. The good news is that excessive immobilization seems to do little (or no?) harm post-op — in stark contrast to post-non-op, where slow rehab is associated with inferior outcomes, including rerupture rates much higher than post-op rates. But it’s still way nicer to make faster progress into shoes, though you will probably catch up by the end of the year, maybe sooner.
    After surgery for my ATR #1, I was casted for WAY too long, but still got back to full-speed competitive volleyball at ~10-11 months (when the season started). Some fast-rehab patients get back faster than that but many don’t.

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