Surgery… A first for me.

Well, the Surgery day came. I was actually a little excited, as it was my FIRST every surgery (Not counting Tonsils when I was a child).

Prior to this day, my wife and I found a pair of crutches for $5.00 at a local thrift store, so I was prepared with that, as well as rough learning to use them.

All prepped and ready to go… I remember being wheeled into the Op-Room, seeing a nurse surfing on her IPhone, then waking up in Post-Op with a nurse wrapping my splint.. A blink later and I was in recovery with my wife walking in. Talk about a very STRANGE feeling missing about 2 hours of your day in an instant, or rather “A blink of an eye”! :)

By afternoon, I was sitting pretty at home, feeling great, due to the Post op meds they pumped in me… The next day I needed to take the prescription pain meds they gave me.. Only needed them for the first 3 days, with less and less taken each day.

Anyways, here I sit, as I put it, “My own little world” for the next 2 weeks…

My World...

I soon discovered that something as simple as a trip to the bathroom would become a VERY EXHAUSTING TRIP.

A very special THANK YOU goes out to my wonderful wife. She took care of me during these first 2 weeks.

I was getting about a little during this time, as I was getting stir-crazy, so I managed to get to the car and my wife did some needed shopping while I waited in the car for her. Just a blessing to get out of the house really.

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