Back at the scene of the crime and I’m hating it!

May 27th, 2017

So I can’t believe it but I’m back at the scene of the crime! My friend surprised her husband with a birthday party at the fowling place where my injury happened. It’s only been five months and I will admit it’s emotional to be back here, especially when I’m with people who don’t even understand how life altering this injury is! And some, friends who I love, actually are making jokes but there is nothing funny about it. Like I used to be fearless! I would try all kinds of ¬†adventure, physical activity. Now I worry about people stepping on my toe on my left foot. It really just goes to show how little people understand something unless they’ve been through it themselves. BTW there is no way in hell I’m playing this game tonight! I am sitting and watching and typing this post! This Achilles journey is as much emotional as it is physical. I hate it!

19 weeks! So many more to go!

April 26th, 2017

I haven’t been on in a while. Work has been crazy busy. So it’s been 19 weeks as of tomorrow since my injury. I’m happy to be walking again, but my walking is not normal. I still have the tightness and certain things like walking down the stairs are still unbelievably difficult. I can picture myself just going downstairs like I always did, but my body doesn’t want to do that as of yet. I’m trying to get into a workout routine, but it was only just last week that I was able to do the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. I felt some twinges of pain, but at least I was able to keep going. Leg presses were a complete NO NO, and I was so stunned when I found 25 lbs to be a challenge on the leg extension machine. But I keep trying. I did water aerobics the other night and all of the being up on your toes, even in water, was a bit of a struggle. Today my doctor finally admitted it can take a year or more for the swelling and pain and difficulty doing regular activity could stop. He did encourage me to go ahead and try my cycle classes again. I will be there first thing Saturday morning!

13 weeks and lumpy

March 23rd, 2017

Yesterday was exactly 12 weeks since my surgery. This has been quite a journey. For every bit of progress I think I’ve made I have a new discovery of something that is unpleasant. I wanted so long to be out of the boot and now that I am I am dealing with swelling and lumpiness at the incision site. It always feels kind of tight even though my therapist works on it and I also do my home care ¬†and stretching. I’m wondering if it’s going to always be like this! I see my doctor next week and I’m hoping he can give me some guidance. Walking is still a challenge and forget any distance. I have started riding the bike at the gym which I’m so happy to do but then I’m dealing with my ankle swelling, which really freaks me out since my blood clot issue. I just want this to be over and everything to be normal again.

Incision inflamed and nerves on edge

March 12th, 2017

Does anyone else feel like your incision gets really tight and inflamed? Mine has started getting bumpy and I massage it like my therapist suggested but it just bumps up and feels really sensitive to fabric and kinda hot. And now my entire foot just feels like my nerves or on edge! Like my nerves are screaming at me! I just saw my therapist Friday and she worked on my incision site a bit to loosen up the tissues and skin. But this is really kinda freaking me out. Anybody have any experience with this?

First full day in two shoes!

February 27th, 2017

So I spent most of yesterday in two shoes! I can only wear one pair and those are my Adidas sequence boost athletic shoes. It went pretty well most of the day. I didn’t have to walk a lot, but I did end up with a little bit of ache in my calf and ankle so I went back into the boot in the early evening. I’m thinking about asking about an ankle brace and heel lifts when I see my doctor this week. All in all, it’s not bad being in two shoes, but it isn’t great either. Its challenging to walk and I worry about over doing it, but I guess that’s part of the process. I wore two shoes to work today and brought my boot with me. The hardest part is walking from my car to the elevators to get to my office. That is the longest walk ever. I also try to keep moving throughout the day since this blood clot situation so walking the hallways for my circulation was quite challenging as well. Swelling on my ankle is minimal though. Just another day in the sage that is ATR repair recovery!

Stupid, scary blood clot

February 20th, 2017

So I ended up in the ER last Friday night (after therapy and a call to my ortho about my swelling in which he told me to go directly to urgent care) with a positive ultrasound result of a blood clot. The doctors, after hours of sitting in that triage room, told me to take full aspirin (325mg) everyday for 30 days, and have a follow up ultrasound this week. I’m taking all the necessary steps, but I’m kind of freaked out. The blood clot is in my lower leg and the doctors have said those typically don’t propagate (that’s why no blood thinners), but still I don’t know if I should exercise as I normally do or if I do too much (like housework or taking my walks around the office to keep mobile) and get a little out of breath, is that the result of the blood clot? I have a doctor’s appointment with my regular physician in the morning and am trying to get a follow up ultrasound scheduled as directed by the ER doctor. I’m trying to remain calm, but I’m a little freaked out. Anybody else have any experience with this after your ATR surgery? What happened?

Sensitivity to certain fabrics?

February 9th, 2017

Does anyone else find that the skin around their incision is really sensitive to certain fabrics? Like my rougher cotton pillowcases (I’m still elevating and icing regularly) just feels like needles pricking me. Also my left foot is super-sensitive to cold! I did a comparison with my right foot on my bathroom floor and there is a marked difference! Anyone else experience anything like this? I told my PT and she said it happens sometimes after surgery (something with the nerves). I see my ortho surgeon again in a few weeks. Should I ask him about it?

How’s it going? Anyone else hate that question?

February 6th, 2017

I’m really starting to hate that question! Like really?! It’s going exactly the same as it was yesterday when you asked me. Even worse…the how are you feeling question! GOOD GOD STOP ASKING ME THAT! I just want to scream that at every person who asks me that question. Do they really want to know that my right hip and back are killing me from hobbling around lopsided with my boot on my left foot? Do they really want to know how annoying it is to work in a non-ADA compliant building and all the challenges that come with that? Do they really want to know how sick I am of elevating on my work trash can? Do they really want to know that I would just rather stay home with my foot up on my couch and not have to smile and say “I’m ok!” in a cheery way just so that I can end yet another conversation about how I got this injury? And speaking of how I got this injury! If I have to tell that story one more time I’m going to go crazy! I need to hand out business cards about how it happened. I’m so tired of telling that story!

My boyfriend is coming to visit from NYC this weekend and I’m just dreading all of the stupid “did he do that to you?” jokes because they are plentiful. The one bright spot in all this is my physical therapy at the end of the day. I don’t have to answer dumb questions about how it happened. My therapist actually gives me tips to help me feel better when she asks “how did today go?” I think physical therapy is as much about mental and emotional healing as it is about physical. Oh yeah! I was so stoked when I stood on my two feet last week. Not for long, but I stood on them and that’s helps so much when putting on my pants :)

1 day of therapy finally scheduled!

January 25th, 2017

My therapy was approved. Unfortunately I’m unable to go to the center where my doctor’s office is located. It’s not in the network. Insurance can be a frustrating to say the least, but I’m happy that I am able to go on to the next step in my recovery. My first appointment is Monday. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m looking forward to moving on. I also returned to the gym today, just for light upper body work and core work. I miss my sweaty, tough cardio sessions and heavy weights, but I’m sure I’ll get back and now that therapy is getting underway, it will be sooner than later :)

The boot and the swelling!

January 23rd, 2017

So now that I am home and in bed with my foot elevated, I can finally start blogging about this strange, and still one month later shocking experience that is my torn Achilles Tendon experience. Right now the swelling is kinda mystifying me. Today was my first day back to work after a month off. I am in a boot, which I was so happy to be in after a month in casts, but tonight even as I write this post, my foot looks like a fat sausage! I didn’t experience swelling like this in the cast (at least I don’t think I did or I couldn’t see it like I can now). Anyway, I’m wondering if I need to contact my doctor or is this normal. I asked him if I would need to keep it elevated all day and he said no. I think he might be wrong!

At any rate, I was so happy to be back at work. It’s a bit taxing with my drive and having to get into the building and up to my floor. I used my crutches for the walk from the parking lot to our office suite. Does anyone else use their crutches along with their boot? I think I was under the impression that the boot would be the solution to all my problems, but I’m finding I still need my crutches for long walks.

Oh about me and my injury:

I’m 44 years old, pretty active (work out 5-6 day per week jogging, weights, kickboxing, yoga, and just about any type of adventure workout). On 12/15 at a work holiday party, I was fowling which is just like bowling except you throw a football instead of rolling a bowling ball to knock down pins. I threw the football and knocked down eight pins. I jumped up to celebrate my accomplishment, and when I came down on the concrete floor, I felt like someone had hit me in the back of my ankle with a bat with a brick attached to it. I yelled “who hit me?!” and then fell to the floor. My coworkers later told me there was no one near me. I’d heard a similar story from my brother when he tore his Achilles a few years ago so I suspected, but wanted to deny that’s what it was. After a trip to urgent care, and an orthopedic surgeon the next day, it was confirmed. I had surgery two days before Christmas. My first post-op visit was on 12/29, where I had a hard cast put on in place of the big, giant post surgical one. I was in that cast for one week, and then went back to see the doctor on 1/4. He placed me in another hard cast for two weeks. I saw him again on 1/18 and my cast and staples were finally removed, and I am now in a boot. I was off work for exactly one month following surgery and fully non weight bearing for two weeks, and PWB for the final two before being in my boot. I am hoping to start therapy soon. Since my injury happened at a work function, workman’s comp insurance is covering my treatment and everything has to be approved prior to it happening.

    ATR Timeline
    • Name: lulu41539
      Location: Detroit
      Injured during: Fowling
      Which Leg: L
      Status: PWB

      27 wks  1 day Post-ATR
      26 wks
         Since start of treatment