Oh This Scar!

Does anyone’s scar itch like crazy and tender when you rub hard? I am trying to leave it alone but it is so itchy sometimes! This is the only issue/discomfort I am experiencing. I did start putting vitamin E and my homemade lotion (coconut oil and lavender essential oil) on it which helped with the dry skin, but it has not alleviated the itchiness! If you have any advice or suggestions I would really appreciate it. May all of you be recuperating wonderfully ☺

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  1. Sorry to hear that Leah. Wish I could help, but i haven’t experienced an itch on my scar. When i’ve had problems like that in the past though, I’ve gotten some relief from hydrocortisone cream. You can get that over the counter.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks Paul!

  3. nice article thanks for sharing

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