PT fun!

Yesterday was my 1st day of PT and let me tell you it was so much fun!! It was the first time I ever had that great of a session. I was over joyed that I actually was able to do all 5he exercises without any pain. It felt so strange to put my foot flat on the ground and even stranger to stand on it. The physical therapists were all very impressed with how well my scar was held (thanks Dr. Kump they asked if you were a robot lol) and the amount of mobility that I had in it. When my main therapist was measuring me she told me that tye note from the surgeon was for me to not be pushed to point past 40° and I was relaxing at 45°! I got sent home with three pages of exercise and was super excited. Huge bonus I had no idea I’d be getting a massage and that ice machine was incredible and I hate cold. These past weeks I’ve have been some of 5he toughest of my life. I’ve been dancing since I was about 5 and not being able to move and groove has been torture. I’ve never felt so stiff in my life. They told me I’d be sore when I got home but fortunately I wasn’t. I did realize my other Achilles is tight from all the over compensation so I’m doing the same exercises on my good goot as well.
I recounted some of my worst dance injuries and it should not have surprised me that my left leg was the one to get injured. It’s been the biggest repeat offender for injuries. So many sprains tones of scar tissue from injuries that were never given the proper time to heal etc. My old Chiropractor use to spend almost as much time on my ankles as he did adjusting the rest of my body and I have scoliosis! Anywho I digress. I’m ready to buld back what I’ve lost. They say I’ll be able to return to dance. I don’t care how long it takes that meant the world to me.

Best of luck to all of you on your road to recovery!!

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  1. Wow - that sounds great Leah - congrats on how well it’s going! Can you describe the 5 exercises that you did? I’m looking for things I might try until I’m able to get into the PT.

    All I’ve been doing is walking a few miles each day, and a little swimming maybe 2-3 times/week. I haven’t tried to stand flat footed on my bad foot yet - is that what you were doing already? Sounds awesome!

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