Boot Life!!

I am so excited yesterday I got out of my final cast. I can’t explain how happy I am that I am free of the cast. My first steps in the boot were very uncomfortable and I know I have a long road ahead of me. The second day I was able to walk around a bit easier but having not used my leg in so long it felt like walking on pins and needles. I have to schedule PT and go back to see my doctor in two weeks. Here begins a new chapter in recovery!

Does anyone have any favorite exercises that you do for strengthening outside what you’ve done in PT?

Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing well!!

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  1. Congratulations!

    The resistance bands were great for me as well as Bulgarian squats to get the quads and glutes working again. In terms of the calf, I swore by calf raises while I brush my teeth. Still do them 9 months after starting PT. Now I start with 15-20 single calf raises (you’ll have to work up to a single calf raise, don’t start until your PT or doc clears you) then do about 100 doubles. Excellent exercise and keeps you honest about brushing for 120 seconds!

  2. Congrats!! We ALL know how happy you are! My PT ramped up my exercise list as I progressed along the road to recovery so I didn’t really add any exercises specifically for my achilles. I continued to do what I could of my normal exercise regimen with modifications to it based on what I was allowed to do for my foot.

    Love how you do them while brushing your teeth bruiser! LOL! Speaking of which I need to go see how many my heel will let me do after my day at Disneyland yesterday. LOL!

  3. Congrats Leah! Boot walking is so much better than NWB, you will love your new-found freedom. Please take it slow and easy in the beginning. Your body will tell you when you reach your limit. I wouldn’t do too much other than walk at the moment until you get more comfortable with it. Wiggling your toes, spreading your toes out and back will feel good and is fine. My doc didn’t want me to do any dorsiflexing until I see him again after 8 weeks post surgery.

  4. Thank you everyone! I’m going to PT tomorrow and I’m really excited to see what exercises they give me. One step (boot hobble) at a time! I’m going to take it slow, I’m in it for the long haul. I don’t want to suffer consequences later in life because I rushed things now. I want to be able to run around with my grandkids (if I ever have them) far far in the future!

  5. Leah, Please let me know what kinds of exercises you get from your PT. I’d be interested in expanding what I’m doing now. I see my doc in 7 days and will be asking him for a PT referral even though he doesn’t seem to feel it’s important (he just thinks walking is sufficient). I walk a couple miles a day in my boot now and can motor along pretty well with no limp. Are you walking pretty well now? If you haven’t yet, I strongly recommend you get an evenup lift for your other (good) foot.
    Good luck!

  6. Hi Paul, the exercises I have currently have are: flexing and pointing my foot to increase range of motion, doing the same laterally, writing the A,B,Cs (uppercase), extending my leg straight up from a seated position without pointing my toes for leg strengthening, leg lifts while laying on my back and side for hip strengthening, rolling up a small washcloth placing it under the middle of my foot and then pointing my toes over it, while seated with my foot flat on the ground slowly gliding my foot back so that my feet are even in a normal seated position, and doing 3 second weight shifts from standing on both feet to mostly on my recovering foot. The reps very but are no more than 10 at a time and often just 2 sets. They have me easing into things which I am happy for because I have a tendency to push myself to much. I would definitely suggest requesting PT from your doctor since they will fine tune a plan specifically for you and your situation. My doctor and therapist said PT is probably the most important part of this recovery. The therapist deal with people who decline the surgical route for ATRs to those who have the most complex surgeries. I hope your able to get a recommendation and if not considering just finding one on your own.

    I haven’t really been out walking much yet. I have this crazy fear of reinjurying myself and my doctor told me to only walk around my house for now (I see him on the 23rd so hopefully I’ll be cleared for doing more).
    When I do go out I’ve still been using my iwalk2.0. It’s funny that you mentioned the evenup lift. That’s exactly what I need! I’ve been lopside hobbling or tippy toe (on my good foot) walking around. I asked the nurse about a lift when I first got the boot and she said I wouldn’t need one which seemed odd to me. I will definitely look into that though. Thanks so much and best of luck!

  7. You absolutely need the evenup if you’re boot and shoe don’t keep your hips in alignment. I’m quite surprised the nurse said you wouldn’t. Before my surgery my doctor gave me a list of things I would need and an evenup was one. I suggest you tell your doctor and nurse that they absolutely need to tell people who will be in the boot to get the even up if the boot and their shoe aren’t even. As it turns out my boot for my left foot is exactly even with the new running shoes I got. Whereas the boot I got 2 years ago for my right foot required the full height of the evenup.

  8. Thanks Leah - much appreciated. I agree with Cserpent about the evenup. It’s critical to have otherwise you will tweak your hip when you start doing much walking. I can’t imagine going far without it. I’m borrowing a friend’s but I think they’re available on Amazon for ~$20.

    So interesting to me how your doc supports PT earlier than mine but not walking; whereas my doc supports lots of walking but not so much PT. You’d think there would be more consistency in medical approach to recovery.

  9. Yes, I definitely am in need of a Chiropractic adjustment! I know my hip and back are all out of sync. I also have knees that hyperextended and I’ve been noticing how often it happens when I hobble. My evenup just came which will make going to my daughter’s soccer games and taking my son out that much better! I appreciate the suggestion paul1 and cserpent.

    It is interesting how varied doctors opinions are on recovery. I know my doctor (and my family) thought I would do to much to soon. I’m not messing around with this injury though. I’m actually thinking more conservatively then they are. When my doctor said in two more weeks he’d let me start walking around the house without the boot I was surprised and asked if he was sure. PT keeps giving me new exercises and I guess their report back to him was very good. He thought it was because I liked using my iwalk2.0 and called it cool. I have grown fond of my “peg leg” but I just want to heal properly and I know I have alot of strengthening to do on my chicken leg. I’ve got an African Caribbean dance class waiting on me and my kids to keep up with lol.

  10. Leah, you must not have any heel lifts in your boot, is that right? Did you ever have them?

  11. Hi Paul, yes I did have two lifts in. They removed them last time I saw my doctor.

  12. Thanks Bruiser! I’m looking forward to get to that level of PT.

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