2nd Post-surgery Appointment

Today I got cast #2 off and was placed into my 3rd and final cast. I have two weeks in this one and then I will be placed into a boot. I am counting down the days! I’ve got a lot to do during PT and I am eager to get well enough to make wonderful strides after this casting business is done. I am trying to keep up with my 5 month old who decided to roll today!!! I’m going to go slowly since that has been getting me great reviews with the doctor. He’s hopeful that I may be able to walk with assistance once I’m in the boot. Which is an improvement from being NWB in the boot. Fingers crossed all will go well.
3rd and final cast!

3 Responses to “2nd Post-surgery Appointment”

  1. Congrats on each ’step’ of the way, getting the boot is a big improvement to look forward to! Warning that your leg will be quite thin and weak, and it will be a few months before you are close to normal, however, you shouldnt have much pain in the process.

  2. Getting out of that last cast will be a major step forward Leah - you’ll be there soon! You will love the significant mobility boost. Hang in there, that 5-month old will be rolling all over the place soon and you’ll want to keep up!

  3. Thank you @Fred and @paul1 tomorrow’s the big day. I’ll let you all know how it goes.

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